Pete Allmans CSN Tips

Guy Savoy, French Cuisine and Friendly Staff

Guy Savoy , a French cuisine dining spot located in Caesars Palace is a family operation named for the father, who lives in France, and managed by son Fronck Savoy. You will find the staff there pleasant and highly accommodating. Fronck has a charming and polite way of talking with patrons about his culinary experiences and life. The interior design is contemporary and it has a view overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Reservations recommended, so call (702) 731-7447.

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Rao’s, Real Italian from NY to LV

Rao’s , a truly Italian restaurant based in New York City, with its second location at Caesars Palace, has the family tradition that dates back over 30 years. The walls of the local restaurant are filled with signed photos of mega celebrities. The red-tone theme and the true Italian cuisine make this a hot spot. Call (702) 731-7340.

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Beuing Noodle No. 9, Grand Atmosphere

On the Asian side of cuisine, Beuing Noodle No. 9 has an elegant, clean, white-tone contemporary décor with goldfish-filled aquariums arranged at the entrance. It is highly acclaimed for its authentic Chinese cuisine and its atmosphere. Call (702) 731-7996.

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The Heat is on at Hawaiian Tropic Zone

Hawaiian Tropic Zone , located at the entrance of the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is one of the hottest places in town. Gorgeous Hawaiian Tropic Girls dance on a second-floor balcony against a huge video wall with rails, which makes it off the top. Amber Smith, one of the hottest Playmates and talk show hosts, recently held the weekly red carpet spotlight, signing autographs and taking photos with guests. Hawaiian Tropic Zone is also the site where many Ultimate Fighting Championship events after parties are held. For info, go to or call (702) 731-4858.

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Liberace Museum and Foundation Celebrates 30 Years

In April 2009, the Liberace Museum and its foundation celebrate 30 years of jewel-studded success as a world-famous attraction and a source for scholarship, promoting music mastery. Liberace was a charismatic and giving man, known the world over for his showmanship and wearing one-of-a-kind outfits that were glittered like the lights of Las Vegas. The pianist’s garments were matched by the ornate styling of his many pianos, many of which are on display at the museum.

The April 15 celebration event will feature a full day of festivities at the museum running from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. with a symbolic 30-cent museum admission donation. There will be free performances by recipients of the Liberace Scholarship, Liberace Piano Competition winners and other entertainers. Call (702) 798-5595 for more information, or visit

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Springs Preserve Teaches and Entertains

One of the latest and popular tourist spots in Las Vegas is the Springs Preserve located on Valley View off I-95/515 Expressway. The educational indoor and outdoor facility is where visitors can gain greater knowledge about desert plants, animals and other desert life through its exhibits and living gardens. The attraction is developed on a historic site and provides hours of entertainment for all ages. The Springs Preserve also has special events and focuses on energy conservation.