CES 2020

   As you stroll through CES you can feel overpowered being a part of today’s time era.

 On one side of the convention center you will find a headband that vows to read brain waves to get you to unwind and relax your mind.  Walk on down a couple rows and you will find a state-of-the-art toothbrush that has a sensor that will let you know whether you're brushing excessively hard or on the contrary not hard enough. Walk a little further down, and a must see is an Alexa-empowered Lamborghini.

It is no shock to the consumer technology show that there are thousands of companies being showcased – from huge companies like Google (GOOGL) and Samsung (SSNLF) to random, small, unknown start-ups. — flaunting their most recent items. Some will be items will be unveiled this year in 2020, others may never hit the market.

Here are the fancy gadgets that got CES goer’s attention as they visit hundreds of booths across the many convention centers of the thousands of exhibitors.

What would CES be without Robots?  One of CES spectator’s favorite things to visit with are the robots. Samsung (SSNLF) flaunted a yellow tennis ball-like robot named Ballie — Can’t imagine? Think BB-8, the adorable droid from "Star Wars" — that operates about as your own collaborator, following you around the house and assists you with daily chores. With AI capabilities and a camera that is built in, Samsung says its implicit camera can recognize spills and advise your brilliant bot to go tidy them up by sweeping or vacuuming with the smart vacuum.  Ballie can also call 911 if an if an elderly or disable loved one should fall.  Ballie can roll over and you can request it call 911. Lovot, is not only a robot, a true companion, a friend if you will.  A big hit at CES – It’s cute, gives hug and, built with camera over its head, serves as a home monitoring system. That’s right Lovot will also act as your bodyguard.

Be that as it may never be released to the general public, Charmin, a loved and trusted household name, tries to rectify the age--old problem of running out of TP! Charmin is a robot who will, when needed, go and fetch a roll of toilet paper when you are running out. Don’t get too attached to this idea as at this point, it is just an idea in the making.


Have you always wanted a feline however you are allergic or just don’t want the mess?  Do your kids want a kitty, but they are irresponsible or your apartment just won’t allow? CES brings you a startup called Elephant Robotics who built up an automated pet. The bionic cat can walk, stretch, play with toys, listen to commands and even bite its nails. AI allows it to recognize human faces and 20 different commands, including "sit" and "come here." Finally, an animal that will follow directions.

A close favorite, and not to be beaten, Yukai Engineering came up with a headless robot cat for or individuals who have limitations.

Another "species" of virtual assistants is the Vertical TV.  TVs are constantly a focus at CES and, this year, the talker from Samsung is a TV called Sero, which includes a display that can pivot either horizontal or vertically. Samsung is wagering this one of a kind idea explicitly with smartphone users in mind.


Flying taxicabs (and bicycles) that may or may not ever get off the ground, NO pun intended. Uber and Hyundai introduce the flying taxi that, in the long run forever change your ridesharing trips. The primary model won’t be released until 2023, as per a Hyundai representative. And if that weren’t impressive enough, the Manta5 Hydrofoil Bike — one-section bicycle, one section plane. The e-bicycle is intended to mirror cycling, however on water — with a completely waterproof battery and engine. The item has been in the making for a long time.

Segway S-Pod

And for those who prefer land, Segway S-Pod. an odd-looking seat on wheels. Think the Pixar film Wall-E. The S-Pod is intended for encased spaces like air terminals and shopping malls. Wheeling up to 24 MPH, riders can control the speed with the press of a button on the handle.

And there you have it.  Some of CES’ most fascinating gadgets of 2020