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12 Amazing Brownie Hacks You Have To Try In The Kitchen

Friday October 16, 2020
A good brownie needs nothing extra to be amazing. Hacking the batter, however, with brownie mix in additions as seemingly extraneous but as totally delicious as olive oil, graham cracker bits, or chocolate mint candies makes a good brownie incredible.

Ease Into Fall By Stocking Your Freezer With These 10 Comfort Foods

Friday October 16, 2020
Autumn’s shorter and shorter days make it hard to get home and cook dinner before it’s pitch black and all you really feel like doing is crawling into bed.

13 Ideas For Your Leftover Rice To Improve Any Meal

Friday October 09, 2020
Wondering what to do with leftover rice? There are a couple obvious choices but there are also plenty of other creative leftover rice recipe ideas you might never have thought of before.

Smart Storage: Make The Most Of Your Freezer Space With These Simple Tips & Tricks

Friday October 09, 2020
Freezer storage is a little bit art and a little bit science, with some good sense and nifty tricks mixed in.

Budget-Friendly Penny Saver Peanut Butter Pie Recipe from the ‘Dirty, Lazy, Keto Dirt Cheap Cookbook’

Wednesday October 07, 2020
Coming in at only 10g net carbs per serving and with ingredients that cost less than $10 total, this recipe for Penny Saver Peanut Butter Pie will fit into your diet plan and budget.

How To: Make Any Pan Look Brand-New (No Matter What It’s Made Of)

Wednesday September 30, 2020
The best way to clean a burnt pan depends on a few factors, including what it’s made from and what’s burned on. But these tips will help you clean burnt food off of most all your pots and pans.

Cook Like An Ancient Roman Using This Salt Alternative From ‘Tasting History With Max Miller’

Wednesday September 30, 2020
A lover of history himself and a self-proclaimed novice chef, Max Miller fused both passions into “Tasting History with Max Miller,” a YouTube series of fun and fact-filled food stories, produced from his home in Los Angeles.

Prebiotics 101: Discover Why Prebiotic Fiber Is The Most Important Thing Missing From Your Diet

Wednesday September 23, 2020
When it comes to gut health, prebiotics play an important role—but what exactly is prebiotic fiber, and how do you get it into your diet?

Grab This Secret Ingredient To Prepare The Easiest Biscuits You’ve Ever Made

Wednesday September 23, 2020
When it comes to savory baking, drop biscuits are one of the simplest things to make—and these mayonnaise biscuits are even easier than usual.

Delicious Pasta Sauce In 5 Ingredients (Or Less)

Friday September 18, 2020
When you need an easy dinner that everyone will love, look to these 5-ingredient pasta sauce recipes.

12 Ways To Repurpose Mason Jars That Don’t Involve Canning

Friday September 11, 2020
Mason jars are hot property right now—and not for the first time. Beyond their traditional use for canning (which, like bread baking earlier this year, is seeing a surge in popularity and a resulting scarcity of supplies in some areas), they’re good for lots of other things.

The Secret To Storing Carrots Properly And More Tips For Preserving Produce

Friday September 11, 2020
There’s a lot of joy to be had in the kitchen—watching the KitchenAid whirl through cookie dough, pulling out fresh bread from the oven, the thrill of rolling out your own pasta—but there can arguably be a lot of stress, too.

Add This Secret Ingredient To Make The Best Stuffed Peppers You’ve Ever Had (That’s Already In Your Kitchen)

Thursday August 27, 2020
Stuffed peppers can take many forms, but there’s one simple secret ingredient that will make any version the absolute most delicious you’ll ever eat. So what’s the secret to the best stuffed peppers ever?

51 Easy Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Thursday August 27, 2020
You thought you had it all figured out. You’ve cooked a few roasts and baked a few loaves in your time, so you know your way around a Dutch oven and a Silpat (if you have to ask, then you definitely need this list).

Back To School Recipe: Easy-To-Make Spicy Tofu Ramen For Dorm Room Cooking! 

Tuesday August 18, 2020
Healthy eating is essential in college to set yourself up for a successful, happy lifestyle, but it’s often one of the first habits to fall by the wayside as the semester ramps up.

Simple Cooking: Easy 3-Ingredient Recipes

Friday August 07, 2020
Three. It’s a magic number and it's all you need to make a delicious meal!

The Ultimate Guide To Picking A Ripe Watermelon

Friday August 07, 2020
Summer is watermelon season, and just as there’s nothing like biting into a perfectly juicy, sweet slice, there’s no disappointment like finding it tasteless and mushy.

No-Bake Icebox Cake Recipe, For A Scorching Summer Day

Wednesday July 29, 2020
This creamy, no-bake icebox cake (technically a carlota de limon), only requires five ingredients. It’s bright with fresh lime and as easy to make as it is to eat.

RECIPE: Swedish Cinnamon Buns Worth Turning On The Oven In Summer For

Wednesday July 15, 2020
This recipe for Swedish cinnamon buns comes from Michelin starred chef Emma Bengtsson of Aquavit. They’re so delicious you’ll be tempted to turn on your oven no matter how hot it’s getting outside.

Try Adding This Secret Ingredient To Make Scrambled Eggs Like Never Before

Wednesday July 15, 2020
There are some pantry staples that arguably get more play than others. You’re likely to reach for those cans of tomatoes and bag of rice long before diving into that mystery bag of beans buried in the back of your cabinet. But there’s one pantry staple that’s ready for its time in the spotlight: mayonnaise.

15 Summer Strawberry Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Thursday July 02, 2020
Now that summer is officially here and strawberries are coming into their own again, it’s time to let them shine.

Easy, Pre-Prepared Camping Meals For Your Next Nature Retreat

Thursday July 02, 2020
These easy camping foods can be made ahead of time so you can enjoy effortless gourmet meals even in the woods.

Learn How To Grow Your Garden With Egg Shells And Coffee Grounds

Thursday June 18, 2020
Fight food waste and nourish your garden by using eggshells and coffee grounds—here’s everything you need to know about this easy, natural compost option.

15-Minute Dinners For When You Need To East Fast

Thursday June 18, 2020
Does the idea of a 15 minute dinner sound completely impossible? Or like the best it could conceivably be is a microwaved afterthought? Well, these truly easy dinner recipe ideas prove both doubts to be unfounded.

Keto Drinks’ Recipe: Relax with This Decadent Low-Carb Nightcap

Tuesday June 16, 2020
When you are living a keto lifestyle, you know to steer clear of that slice of cake, the plate of pasta, and the bowl of sugary cereal. But it’s important to remember that drinks can also contain lots of carbs!

Summer Dessert Recipe: Keto-Friendly Strawberry Shortcake

Tuesday June 16, 2020
Summer is here, and while we’re likely skipping the family reunions and neighborhood block parties this year, that doesn’t mean we need to skip out on our favorite summer desserts.

Best Family Events For Easter In Las Vegas

Tuesday March 27, 2018
Easter is almost here. That means it's time to dust off those baskets and get ready for some fun right here in the Vegas Valley area.

Best Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day In Las Vegas

Tuesday March 13, 2018
Locals and tourists love to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Las Vegas, whether it is the food, beer or parades. Go for the green and check out these great ways to enjoy the Luck of the Irish.

Best Ways To Support Las Vegas’ Local Art Scene

Tuesday February 13, 2018
Art thrives in Las Vegas including artists, galleries and outdoor murals. Supporting the local art scene is a fun way to enjoy culture while appreciating the works of others.

Best Locally-Owned Coffee Shops In Las Vegas

Wednesday February 07, 2018
Get some of the best freshly brewed coffee right here in the heart of Las Vegas.