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Restaurant Blogs

Feb 16 2016

Serendipity 3 Caesars PalacePosted By Thomas Chee - 02/16/16
Frozen Hot Chocolate nicknamed Frrrozen Hot Chocolate with three R's has made a claim of greatness from the Food Channel to the Travel Channel. United States Presidents enjoy Serendipity. Vice Presidents sit alongside Hollywood film stars, Wall Street bankers and royal kings sit down to order the Frozen Hot Chocolate. The recipe overloads YouTube channels, especially after chefs join food critics to celebrate the rich chocolate dish. Serendipity was built after my family and I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, but we heard stories about the famous chocolate in Manhattan, New York City, especially when George Clooney filmed One Fine Day in 1996 with Frozen Hot Chocolate across the table from Michelle Pfeiffer. After the George Clooney film, the 2001 romance was filmed starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. The two lovers, John and Kate enjoy drinking a dessert named Frozen Hot Chocolate. If memory serves correct, Kate Beckinsale was a newcomer to Hollywood, but soon after filming Serendipity she starred in the first the vampire series for Underworld, a Romeo and Juliet symbolized love tragedy involving vampires and werewolves instead of Capulets and Montagues. Kate’s new fame in a cult classic surrounding vampires brought her older film Serendipity back to life. The restaurant in New York City became famous. Decision makers at Caesar’s Palace decided they wanted to build a monument to Serendipity Chocolate to their casino in Las Vegas, but build the restaurant outside to attract visitors walking along the famous Flamingo Avenue. As my friends enjoyed spoon fulls of dessert, films were being produced outside. The entire time my friend from California visited Jason Bourne’s actor Matt Damon was filming his next installment to the Jason Bourne franchise. The New York restaurant opened in 1954 along the prestigious Upper East Side of Central Park. Serendipity serves at $1000 dessert that lists in the Guinness Book of World Records named the Golden Opulence Sundae covered in edible gold leaf chocolate harvested along the Caribbean Ocean off the coast of Venezuela. Visitors might want to sit outside along Las Vegas Boulevard to see the walkers as well as the views.