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Palms Las Vegas Casino Resort

The combined power of George Maloof, Hugh Hefner, and MTV jump-started the Palms Casino Resort into the world of youthful, beautiful people shortly after it opened in 2001.

The three towers of the PalmsAlthough not technically on the Strip, the Palms is close enough to be a part of the action, and a big draw all on its own. Some of it's more unique features are: the only hotel suite in the world equipped with a basketball court, a full-featured recording studio, the only Playboy Club in the world, the largest IMAX screen in the city, the annual Cinevegas film festival, and the annual UFC finale. It's a good place to stay and spot celebrities for a reasonable price. Rooms can go as low as $99 per night on the weekdays.

Entertainment and Nightlife

First things first. The Palms is famous for clubs, lookers, and one hell of a pool party. While still a magnet for young people and among the top nightspots in Las Vegas, the nightlife at the Palms has taken second or third place to some of the other, newer venues in town. Here's the rundown:

Moon nightclub logoMoon: The future-cool midsized nightclub at the Palms is equipped with a ceiling that grinds open, revealing the stars. It's a fun place to party if you want the thrill of authentic Vegas nightlife. It's expensive... around $40 on weekends and still $20 on weekdays, but admission to Moon also buys you admission to...

The playboy club at the Palms' logo.The Playboy Club: Expect to see that bunny plastered on to every surface it can be plastered on to. The N9Ne Group does not want you to forget the official brand. It's a pleasant experience. While Moon is a high-energy, classic dance club, the Playboy Club is more similiar to a casino floor. High-limit blackjack tables and and a roulette wheel costing $25 per spin provide diversions, and the attention to detail in every aspect of design is impressive for those willing to pay attention. Being the Playboy Club, the chances are high of finding groups of single-minded guys, but the connection to Moon keeps the ratio from getting out of hand.

Rain NightclubRain: Rain is kind of a classic now, having been built in 2001. That's a long lifespan in Las Vegas. Visitors should expect to be elevated by artistic weirdness as 14-foot flame bursts, sparks, and dancing fountains keep time with the music. Rain is fun, it's like a theatre for performance art that bans all mimes and encourages skintight clothes. Be careful for your shoes, though. There is no place to sit unless a table is purchased for the evening.

The Ghostbar logo.Ghostbar: There's no cover charge, so go up and at least take a look out the windows. It's not the highest view in Las Vegas, but thanks to the Palm's unique position just beside the Strip, it's one of best. Seats are available next to wall-to-wall picture windows, or outside on a spectacular patio. Drinks are expensive here, but well-mixed and worth it for the ambiance. Visitors to the Palms shouldn't hesitate to see this bar.

Roho: It's the hotel lobby bar

The Lounge: It's the hotel lounge. Well, it's a little better than that. It's also a Vegas lounge, meaning live music, cool acts, and clever drinks. A great spot to witness the variety of people that visit the Palms.

Pearl Theatre: The Palms' own rock-and-roll venue. 2,500 people can be seated in the gorgeous, three-level theater. UFC fighters and top acts have displayed their skill here, and a robust menu of upcoming performers is always available. Thanks to careful design, no seat in the house is farther than 120 feet away from the stage. Private skyboxes are available, equipped with their own bars and restrooms. The auditorium of the Brendan theater

Brendan Theatre:The largest IMAX screen in the city is here, in Brendan Theatre's 14-screen movieplex. Wall-to-wall curved screens, stadium seating in every room, and 3,500 high-backed rocker seats foster a sense of comfort and involvement. Las Vegas is home to many fantastic movie theaters, and Brendan's is one of the best. Click here for the Brendan Theater's Showtimes

Ditch Friday at the PalmsThe Pools:Two acres of swimming pools provide enough space for 3,000 guests to party. There will be uproarious making-out. The Palms has dumped truckloads of money into building and marketing their swimming pools, a neccessary expense in a city where at least five other properties are doing the same thing. Ditch Fridays are famous for being a step up in style from the more-famous Rehab at the Hard Rock, but that doesn't make them tasteful and elegant by any means. Vegas pool parties are loud, fun, crowded, and expensive, so don't expect anything different. We've taken the trouble of taking pictures of the event, so you can get an eyeful even with attending yourself.


The Palms has nothing if not tons of options for different budgets. Accommodations begin with standard guestrooms, and improve into two-story villas, fantasy suites, and massive penthouses.


The Guestrooms come in two varieties: Deluxe and Superior. Confusing, right? Which is better? Doesn't the word "Deluxe" mean that it's "Superior?" Does a flush beat a straight?
The Superior is better, as it comes equipped with a Jacuzzi tub and a Bose sound system. Both rooms have a safe, a hair dryer, iron and board, and at least a 27 inch TV. So, even the bottom of the barrel at the Palms is pretty nice.
And yeah, a flush beats a straight.


Okay, the definition of "suite" is technically two or more rooms joined together, and this writer has noticed some liberties being taken with that description lately. Here's a perfect example: the lowest-priced suite at the Palms is called the Junior Suite. It has a sitting area, a desk, and always faces towards the strip. It's a great hotel room. And that's all it is. Anyone travelling with friends or family and expecting some privacy with be suprised. If it's a suite you're after, consider upgrading to the Salon, Grand, 1 bedroom, or 2 bedroom option.


Looking up from street level, you'll spot the six eye-catching Jacuzzi pools extending from the building, like a gravity-defying zipper. These are the SkyVillas, suites of rooms that start at 6,000 square feet and only get bigger. These aren't rooms made for peace and quiet. Each SkyVilla is built for parties.

Palms Place:

The Palms Place is the newest tower to be added to the Palms archipelago. It's a little nicer, a little bigger, and a little pricier than the other towers. It houses the spa and celebrity chef Kerry Simon's restaurant, Simon.


All the penthouses sit on the top of the Palms and Fantasy Towers, and all offer great views of the city. They have been gifted with uninspiring names, like "Penthouse B," and "Penthouse D." It makes sense from a practical point of view, but don't you wonder why the Palms would willingly say to a high roller: "We can put you in the 2 Story Sky Villa, the G-Suite, the Hardwood Suite, or... Penthouse E." Which would you choose? Only those with a deliciouse sense of irony would go for the penthouse. How great would it be to stay in the most Playboy-licensed hotel in the world, in a room named for Playboy's chief competitor?
Names aside, get ready for slick design, Jacuzzi tubs, LCD and Plasma TVs, full wet bars, walk in closets, and huge amounts of space. The penthouses are gorgeous.

Fantasy Suites:

We're all grown-ups here, right? We want class, right? Our juvenile obsessions with Barbies, living like rappers, and sleeping in a room designed only for sex are over, right? Well, not according to the Palms. In addition to massive, opulent suites designed around those three concepts, Fantasy Suite themes include: movie director, hollywood celebrity, basketball star, bowling lanes, and an entire suite modeled after the Ghostbar. The prices vary wildly, from $2,000 to $30,000 per night, depending on size and time of year.



Nove ItalianoNove Italiano Italian restaurant



Beautiful, expensive, and delicious. The view is good, of course, as so many other restaurants and bars and rooms in the Palms do have great views. Sunset is a great time to eat dinner.


$$ Garduno's restaurant logo

Mexican, Seafood

Garduno's is the place to go to be full. It's not extremely delicious, it's not super cheap, but they will load your plate up with heavy, thick, food.

Bistro Buffet

$$ The Bistro Buffet at the Palms


A decent Las Vegas buffet, and cheap if purchased with a players club card. It's not huge, and those in the know might consider crossing the street to the Rio.

Little Buddha

$$$ The Little Buddha restaruant

Sushi, Asian Fusion

A good spot to enjoy ambiance, interesting food, and good service. Not the best place for sushi, as it's all a little overpriced and not their specialty.

N9NE Steakhouse

$$$$ The N9Ne Steakhouse


The N9Ne Group has figured out how to be hip and desired in Las Vegas, and poured all that knowlege into this steakhouse. Your odds of seeing celebrities are high. Diners are often provided with comps to clubs in the Palms.

Simon Restaurant and Lounge

$$$ Simon's restaurant at the Palms

New American

The food is good, the view is better. Simon's patio overlooks the pool, and remember, the Palms is for young and/or famous people. Plus, Simon grows his own organic herbs on-site.




One of Andre Rochat's best tax shelter/restaurants is Alize, a beautiful dining room on the top floor of the Palms. A tie is not necessary, flip-flops and sports gear just might get the boot.

24/7 Cafe

$$ The 24/7 cafe


24 hour diners come standard with every Las Vegas Hotel/Casino, like they're built from do-it-yourself kits. This is the Palm's.

Meetings and Events

From traditional to... not. Companies meeting at the Palms can host events in the perfectly beautiful ballrooms, or go another route, gathering instead in the recording studio, basketball court, or the Playboy Club. It just depends how much fun you want to have.
The Palms is possibly the most diverse meeting host in Las Vegas. All the standards are in place... the big ballrooms for up to 2,500 guests, the smaller boardrooms for 10 executives, and everything in between. All the neccessary catering, A/V services, and setups are available in each venue. The locations begin to get more interesting with:

The Pearl Concert Theater. It's hosted Norah Jones, Melissa Etheridge, Vampire Weekend, Megadeth, and hundreds more, and now it can host a corporation. Even uncool comanies are welcome. CPA's, come put on a show! The theater seats 2,500 people, and event planners can do whatever they want with it. If you're meeting to make entertainment more than to watch it, consider using:

The Studio at the Palms. A whole, rentable, fully-equipped recording studio awaits anyone with the pocketbook to use it. The 8,000 square foot facility is decked out with lounges, private elevator access, and almost enough space for your lead singer's ego. Andrea Bocelli, Barry Manilow, and the Black Eyed Peas have all benefitted from the facility. If your meeting needs to be more quirky, then get:

The Fantasy Suites. Yes, they can be rented for events. The largest one (The Hardwood Suite) can handle 350 guests. The smallest (The Erotic Suite) is built for only 50. But how many people do you know are good-looking enough to cram into a suite named "Erotic?" All the suites have been named above, though for some reason, when being listed as an events venue, the Barbie Suite changes into the Hot Pink Suite.

Click to see the Palms Sales Brochure

Spa and Amenities

The Palms hosts two separate spas: The Drift Spa and the Palms Spa. Each are lovely, but the Drift comes out the winner, thanks to a coed hammam area.  Any groups with frequent spa experiences will be grateful for the convenience of relaxing together without the purchase of a couples treatment.  Neither facility is huge, but they are rarely crowded.  A day pass is granted for around $35, even without a spa treatment. 

The hammam at the Palms 



people having fun at the palms casino

Tables Games
The heart and soul of the Palms, our 95,000-square-foot casino is the place to see and be seen. From blackjack, craps and roulette, to mini baccarat, big baccarat and pai gow, you’ll enjoy 24-hour, non-stop entertainment on more than 60 gaming tables.

Play the loosest slots in town! According to Las Vegas Review Journal’s Best of Las Vegas, the Palms has the best paying slots in Las Vegas. With ticket-in ticket-out technology, the Palms offers players an exciting hassle-free gaming experience.

Slots at Palms:
$ 1 Megabucks|Wheel of Fortune|.01 Megabucks | Clint Eastwood | Twillightzone | Terminator | Star Wars | NSU Deuces Wild | Men in Black | Aztec Temple | Millionair 7's | Penny Train | 100% Payback Poker | 99% Payback Reels | 3/5, 10,50 and 100 Play | Spin Poker | Texas Tina | Kajuna Cach | Big Bass | Sherwood Treasures | Multi Strike Poker | Fort Knox | Millionizer | Shakeurbooty | Twin Win

Welcome to Poker at the Palms. Players can choose to play in either our lower "limit" room or our higher "no-limit" room.
In our lower limit room, our featured games include $2-$4 Texas Hold'em and $4-$8 Texas Hold'em with a half kill. Higher limits spread upon request.
If you prefer no-limit Texas Hold'em, our higher stakes room features a $1 & $2 blind no-limit game with a $100-$200 buy-in and a $2 & $5 blind no-limit game with a $200-$1000 buy-in. Higher blind structured games available upon request.
Both of the Palms poker rooms feature High Hand Jackpots, "Bad Beat" Jackpots and an array of promotions. Use your Palms Club card in the poker room and earn comp dollars, up to $10.00 per day. Room service is available for table side dining 24 hrs. a day. Check out our $1,000,000 Free Roll promotion by visiting The Palms Promotions link under Gaming.

Race & Sports Book

140 individual workstation style seats with
comfortable seating. All with individual television
sets and task lighting.
50 Interactive Player Terminals. Wager from
your seat!
We offer as many as 25 tracks per day including all
major U.S. thoroughbred, quarter horse and
harness tracks as well as greyhounds.
Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup Futures.
Winners Circle turf clubs, Earn Points for all Pari Mutuel Race Wagers, Redeem Points for Comp and Special Room Rates, Complimentary Meals, Concerts and More!

Spacious seating in both the sportsbook and the adjacent VIP lounge put you in the front row for every major sporting event.
More specialty wagering than anywhere else including: First and Second half wagers, proposition wagers, NASCAR and PGA futures and match-ups, English soccer and much more.
Watch all the national satellite televised sporting events including full coverage of pro and college football, pro and college basketball, pro baseball and hockey, golf, auto racing and more.

  BUSINESS NAME Palms Casino Resort
  ADDRESS 4321 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
  PHONE 1 Click here to see phone number
  CITY Las Vegas
  ZIP 89103
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