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Apr 17 2018

New partnership with Highway radioPosted By Mike Young - 04/17/18


LV.Net & Las Vegas.Net are proud to announce a new partnership with Highway radio. Their feature
station Highway VIBE (which consists of 99.7, 98.1, and 98.9 FM stations) delivers listeners an
assortment of everything Las Vegas, from weather updates to hit songs of today. Highway Radio has
built infrastructure to ensure that VIBE reaches those traveling through the desert from the California on
their way to Southern Nevada via I-15, I-40, I-95 and I-93. This is one of the few stations that provides a
signal throughout the 4-8-hour drive through the Mojave Desert.

This partnership has inspired our Founder to pursue his own version of this medium and we are thrilled
to announce LasVegas.Net Radio which will be hitting the airwaves in 2019.
Check out our new partner's site for more info!