Las Vegas is always changing

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In a town where change is happening every day, everywhere – mostly on the strip October is a big month for some new laws.  Read on to see the new laws and bills that are now in effect. Take a look now, it may save big dollars as the “Ignorant” theory won’t be accepted by the Judge.

Check them out now to see how these laws may affect your day to day living:

  1. There can no longer in any HOA Rules and Regulations state that animals are not welcome.
  2. Drive a moped? Moped drivers and their riders have finally caught up with the big boys and are now required to wear a helmet while on roadways in Nevada.

  3. Don’t knock it until you try it! A simple wave of the hand will have you clocked in, lunch paid and clocked out right before that cut-off to overtime. Employers in Nevada will not be allowed to require micro-chipping for their employees. WHAT?

  4. Get ready, get set; Charge! There is no longer a statute of limitations on sexual assault if it is tied to a murder.

  5. The Nevada DMV is now required to collect mileage data from vehicle odometers to gather information on future road construction projects – The Government collects data from everything else, why not. 


  1. A little bit of relief for those who suffered through Sex trafficking and are victims. Prostitution related charges can NOW be removed from their records.

  2. Temporary Protective Order in domestic violence. You can now file an Order for your Protection temporary in the domestic violence situations.
For a complete list of new laws, go to:
Read up today or it could cost you tomorrow.