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Restaurant Blogs

Jul 18 2016

eat THE BREAKFAST & LUNCH JOINTPosted By Mike Young - 07/18/16

We all seek that illusive meal that just hits the spot. Today I found just that at 'eat' a fairly new restaurant downtown. I had a limited amount of time and a hankering for a chicken fried steak breakfast. I had heard about eat and decided to call in for pick up. (I'm a busy guy) Sarah took my order and assured me that I had made a great choice and let me tell you, she wasn't kidding! When I returned to my desk and opened the nicely packaged order, I was pleasantly suprised by the massive portions. I won't attempt to describe what I was tasting, only to say that it was prepared perfectly and tasted just like grandma used make. So do yourself a favor and give eat a try. I bet you won't regret it!