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Feb 17 2014

Vegas VicPosted By LasVegas.Net - 02/17/14

The Vegas Vic sign is one of Downtown Las Vegasís most well-known marquees which over its years has also been a symbol of Downtown Las Vegasís notable, long-term legacy.  This memorable sign has appeared in a number of older movies.  It has been an exemplar of vintage ďold Las VegasĒ.  The concept of Vegas Vicís character was originally created for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to develop local tourism.  Young Electric Sign Company then used Vegas Vic to create a neon sign promoting Pioneer Club Casino located on Fremont Street.  The neon signís first use was in 1951 when it was installed on Pioneer Club Casinoís faÁade.  The original sign featured a moving arm, as well as an audio greeting welcoming guests to Downtown Las Vegas.  It weighed around 6 tons and was 40 feet tall. 

There have been some changes to Vegas Vic and the Casino throughout the past decades.  In the 1990s when Fremont Street Experienceís dome was installed, Vegas Vicís hat was too large to fit inside.  The hat was trimmed in order to compensate.  When Fremont Street Experience opened as an attraction in the 1990s, the Pioneer Club Casino became a souvenir shop.  Vegas Vic remained, however, and it was later refurbished in 2000.

This included changing its neon, which also introduced a new type of look.  Vegas Vicís audio greeting had been considered unpleasant by some.  Its greeting was removed, only to be reinstalled again in later years.  The sign currently does not employ a sound feature that greets guests.  The moving feature of Vegas Vicís arm was also eventually discontinued, and the signís arm was placed in a stationary position.  However, because Vegas Vicís moving arm had operated for many years, this hallmark still remains a famous historical feature of the marquee.

The famous Vegas Vic sign is certainly a must-see, enduring feature of Downtown Las Vegas.  It adds to the overall appeal of Fremont Street Experience, and is a worthwhile reason to visit Downtown Las Vegas for those who have never seen this lasting, authentic symbol of old Las Vegas.