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Jul 8 2018

Travis Pastrana showing off his motor skillsPosted By Mike Young - 07/08/18

Travis Pastrana (pictured) showing off his motor skills before completing the third of three different Evel
Knievel era jumps in Las Vegas. Travis is a professional motorsports competitor/stunt performer and has
competed in the X Games 15 times.

After soaring over 50 cars (143 feet) and jumping 16 Grey Hound Buses (192 feet) at a site set up behind
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Pastrana road through the Las Vegas Strip along with a police
escort. During his journey towards the final stunt of the day, Pastrana took some time to impress
onlookers with a few burnouts and wheelies he even stopped a few times to take selfies with people
walking the strip.

The daredevil had no difficulty jumping over the fountain at Caesars palace (149 feet). This jump was
truly iconic as Evel Knievel never landed it. Performing all three feats same day is truly an
accomplishment and Pastrana did it all without getting a scratch.