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Feb 3 2014

The VolcanoPosted By LasVegas.Net - 02/03/14

The Volcano at The Mirage is one of Las Vegasís classic, must-see attractions.  It draws visitors nightly for an incredible show.  Every hour at nightfall mists, jetting water, flames, and powerful lighting effects create the illusion of a smoldering volcano flowing with streams of bright red and orange magma surrounded by bursts of flames.  The show develops with complex musical percussion featuring a multiform of drums.  Chorusing sounds enhance the fantasy pyroclastic experience. 

At first the rocky volcano is revealed with white lighting.  Then the white lights go out, and the show begins.  There is a pattern of mist illuminated by bright colored lights at the core.  The appearance of active molten rock, with flashes of intense yellow, red, and orange colors takes shape.  The mist rises higher and falls at times.  An impression of high temperatures and rising lava blobs evolves, as well as lava flows traveling down the side of the volcano into the water below, casting off a smoky-looking mist in the process.  These effects become more intense and include bursts of flames.  The percussion begins to quicken as the show progresses.  Bursts of fire come from the volcano, on its sides, and from dozens of points in the watery area below.  There is an intense ending before the show goes dark.