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Nightlife Blogs

May 23 2017

The Socialite DJ at Bebe's Fashion Show Mall Posted By The Socialite DJ - 05/23/17

I walked into BeBe after 2 years into my career. After I've gotten to do cover stories and not to mention DJ at Magic. I walked in asking to speak to whom was in charge. Once I located her I immediately felt the shun. (Granted, before the last DJ that I known they had was Brass Iridescence. Brass was the lady of Caffeine some time ago. But she stopped, and I thought it would be cool if I could keep it in the company). So I sucked that up and kept going. I then came back months later after getting more gigs, and more interviews from another Magic, and residency at Pierre Phillip. I still was receiving the cold shoulder. So we decided to go to print. Weeks later I came back again; Still the shoulder, but this time it wasn't as cold. Lol But just as I was thinking I was going to get the run around again to be given the cold shoulder Mr. Black Tie told me to go in. We debated about it for a minute or two because I was tired of being given the cold shoulder. And as Christmas neared and the cold picked up I didn't want the cold inside and out. Lol But I did. This time she said she was going to give it to her boss and contact me back...

Now I wasn't sure what happened but I walked out happily confused. Lol Getting to DJ at BeBe was such a great honor. I hope I did the last DJ's justice. I started the set off at a steady pace. What I was going for is based off of the BeBe line itself. Because BeBe is a nightlife kind of line that is what I went with. Upbeat music that if I did my job correctly would have taken you through all of the parts of a night out for a lady. The getting ready type music, to the going out, to meeting a hot guy on the dance floor, to playing the I am independent game but you can buy my drink, to you can't take me home but here's my number. ;) Lol That is what I was going for in my set. (I threw a country song out there as a shout out to the manager Jen. Who was awesome and I loved that she complimented my outfit and that we both shared an interest in country.) 

I hope to return to BeBe again soon, I had a great time and I think they did as well. Thank you Jen for the opportunity, thank you BeBe for allowing me to DJ for your Fashion Show Mall location. Thank you Mr. Black Tie for pushing me that extra step. Lol

-The Socialite DJ 

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