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Feb 26 2014

Skyjump & X-Scream RidesPosted By LasVegas.Net - 02/26/14


Skyjump at Stratosphere is one of Stratosphere’s main ride attractions.  Skyjump had a celebrated opening in April of 2010.  The day of its opening was named in its honor by the City of Las Vegas.  The ride has been thrilling people ever since.  A special suit and other equipment are provided.  The rider is positioned in a harness and their descent to the landing pad is controlled by cables and other apparatus for over 800 feet.  There is some instruction provided regarding safety before the jumper takes their leap.  The Skyjumper steps off of a platform that is over 100 stories above the landing pad.  Some say that the jumper’s speed of fall peaks at around 40 or 45 mph.

The ride does not run during stormy weather.  It is closed through severe weather conditions.  Skyjump is intended to produce a similar type of ride experience that might be comparable to other sports involving free fall.  Photo & video packages are available as additional options.  Another excellent ride at the Stratosphere is the X-Scream ride.


The Stratosphere’s X-Scream ride hangs riders off the top of Stratosphere for amazing thrills.  X-Scream’s car moves along a track that changes position unpredictably while suspending riders at incredible heights above the Strip.  The car moves on a short track as passengers are suspended hundreds of feet in the air, moving and stopping in a downward direction or sometimes traveling backwards.  The car moves at different angles as the track changes position carrying the car with it.  Passengers might feel at times that they are about to travel right off the edge of the Tower.  The X-Scream ride operates during daytime and at night.  After dark, the car is lit with neon and a clear view of the lights of the surrounding Las Vegas Valley are seen below.