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Apr 7 2018

SPRING BREAK VEGAS STYLEPosted By Jennifer Levin - 04/07/18

April 2018




College students everywhere are gearing up, dropping their books and getting ready to hop on to a plane or fill up their gas tanks and head off to Las Vegas!  Or for the family friendly folk, Vegas is a place where you can spend quality time with your children.  You may be thinking to yourself that it is difficult to juggle studies, your children's schedule and the task of planning spring break in Las Vegas! Don't fret, here are a few ideas of things to do in Vegas for spring break, so by the end of your trip you will wake up even more exhausted than you are now! Spring break Las Vegas style is going to be off the charts exhilarating!



Where should we start? So much to do to make your spring  break a vacation that you will never forget. Aside from the obvious partying all night, basking in the sun and gambling, there are so many activities you and your families can do that will blow your mind!  For example, if you want an adrenaline rush of a lifetime check out Indoor Skydiving. This place will hand-deliver it to

you with a side of awesomeness. After you've flown through the sky like Superman, it's time to fly on down to the next fun filled activity, check out the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ever hear of the expression, "the need for speed"? These advanced go-karts have drifting abilities that you and your friends can compete. Race while the instructors will actually time with a stopwatch on the track to see who wins.  For those who want to tone it down just a bit and not get a full-blown adrenaline addiction, check out The Mob Museum downtown. Have you ever wondered the history behind the Mob? How it all started? Here you will be able to interact with an actual crime lab and the use of force training experience. Another popular attraction here in Vegas is to experience zip lining through Fremont Street with grace. You may wonder what's special about zip-lining.  Well, for starters, you get to people watch from a bird's eye view, and two you get a super close-up look of the tripped out digital canopy that everyone talks about. So, those are a few suggestions of how to spend some of your time in Las Vegas.


The Las Vegas Shows are probably money makers that keep the city afloat. Seeing a show is Las Vegas is one of those things that you walk out of feeling like something changed in you. It is exhilarating and one of those things that just transforms your life. If Las Vegas was to have a middle name, it would be Entertainment. Once you experience seeing a show, you will understand what I am talking about. First up and voted the best show to see in Las Vegas 2017-2018 is Absinthe at the Ceasars Palace.  Hands-down, the best show on the Strip! You can describe it as a modern-day burlesque/variety show that is as exciting as it is raunchy. And RAUNCHY is putting it lightly. Definitely not for kids! Next up, is Cirque Du Soleil's K which can be seen at the MGM Grand.  K has been described the story of "the coming of age of a young man and a young woman through their encounters with love, conflict and the duality of K, the fire that can unite or separate, destroy or illuminate." This is the only Cirque show to truly contain a narrative that is not fixed. A story about a pair of twins searching for their destiny through fierce martial arts and outstanding pyrotechnics. Also, a special treat, they will give you a free behind-the-scenes tour. Another favorite in Las Vegas is the legendary Penn & Teller. Yes, names you have heard before. These comical and magical duo have been in the starlight in Vegas forever and with good reason.  Their inspiring illusions and witty humor entertains audiences, over and over again. People cant get enough of this duo and never get sick of them, even after multiple viewings. If you are going to check out a magic show in Vegas, make sure it's these impressive gentlemen.  Penn & Teller at the RIO. Moving on, another popular show, and you most likely have heard of it is the Blue Man Group, playing at the Luxor.  Blue Man Group combines theatrics, art, music and science to create an interactive, wild and percussion-driven experience full of humor and energy. Get ready for an overwhelming light show, incredible music, and comedy bits that are so you will laugh so you may cry. Finally, At Le Rve, the Dream inside Wynn, you'll see a romance blossom. But how can you have love without a little action. The main character will guide you through her love story, and watch the cast will do double, triple and even quadruple flips from high places into the water. These are just a few shows that Las Vegas has to offer. There are so many shows to pick one. Browse through our site to check out the different shows you can enjoy.  

Pool Clubs
We all can agree that night drinking is fun, but on Spring break, day drinking is better! The pool clubs in Las Vegas are a place you can let loose and have the time of your life.  The pool club scene is popular because it's sunny here all year round! You can dance and listen to music by famous DJs, drink hand crafted specialty cocktails and even find celebrity chefs that make food that will make your mouth water delivered to your cabana, poolside by the most hospitable servers ever! The Marquee at the Cosmopolitan has all that and more. Or if you are looking for a more private intimate experience try Daylight at the Mandalay bay or Liquid at the Aria. Float in the water in a pool that is shaped like a donut. For the wilder crowd  head to Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel. That is where you probably will you will end up anyway after spending spring break there!  Go on and have a blast, there you will unleash your wildside and experience fun like you have never before!

It's time to put on your party hat and dress to impress! The nightclubs in Las Vegas are off the hook and are some of the best in  the world.  Jewel at Aria Resort is a must go. If you are going to name something "jewel" you are setting some serious expectations.  However the Hakkasan Group are hardcore serious people. Do they sound familiar? You may have heard of them, they created the Hakkasan Nightclub and Omnia. Not being quite happy with just two of the most  trendy and most loved nightclubs, they had to go for the trifecta.  They really went all out this time and went overboard. Jewel however, is more on the intimate side, which for a breath of fresh air is refreshing because if this massive club trend continues who knows, we may end up partying in two area codes. Jewel also takes the lavishness up a couple levels. Granite surrounds the spacious dance floor. Banquettes with leather upholstery are reserved for the VIP and insanely large double sided LED video screens that match up with the music. Yeah, a place to go when  you want to really get the moves on! Next on the list is 1OAK at The Mirage.  Yes, it is an acronym for "1 Of A Kind" and it is a little bit strange when there's another one in New York, too. Semantics aside, 1OAK is extremely fun and in the end, isn't that all that really matters. When you first enter, you will be frustrated by the long entryway. Usually one would find this absolutely annoying, until you get inside and realize how worth it was to trek all the way down the hall. 1OAK was designed around the dance floor, a true dancer's dream come true. Enjoy a private table or work the dance floor and  cruise around all night, either way, you will have the time of your life. One more club you should be sure to hit is Drai's and Drai's after Hours at The Cromwell.  If you feel like listening to hip hop or house music, they have a room for each genre. The vibe in the house room is always really happy and upbeat. The waitresses are always friendly and the even dance around. The Dj always keeps the crowd pumped up. The hip hop room is always crazy fun too. Sundays are a favorite because they play trap. Bottom line is, if you're in Vegas and you plan on partying till 8 in the morning, go to Drais. No other after hours spot compares.


And that pretty much completes your spring break checklist. Can you tackle it all? Of course there is also plenty of shopping and even some museums. You will a lot of all-nighters this spring break. It's time to get your break on and live it up!  Happy Spring Break People!  Viva Las Vegas.