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Restaurant Blogs

May 23 2017

Brio in Tahiti Village

I first heard about Brio as we were walking through Town Square making hits. ...Read More

Posted By The Socialite DJ - 05/23/17

May 20 2017

La Bella Napoli in Town Square


I don’t know too many people who do not like pizza. ...Read More

Posted By The Socialite DJ - 05/20/17

Jul 18 2016


We all seek that illusive meal that just hits the spot. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 07/18/16

May 17 2016

Rollin Smoke Barbeque Best Beef Ribs on First Friday Main Street

Rolling Smoke BBQ was serving FREE BEEF RIBS TO CHILDREN on Main Street near the corner of Colorado. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 05/17/16

Mar 2 2016

Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ has grills where customers can roast specially prepared beef, pork and seafood at the table. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 03/02/16

Mar 1 2016

Baguette Cafe serving French Cuisine Feel like you are in the French capital for culinary arts, Lyon, France, every time you step into The Baguette Cafe serving French Cuisine on Sunset. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 03/01/16

Feb 28 2016

Pho Little Saigon

The place is packed with customers night and day, because the grilled meat dishes with the noodles are awesome, especially after the nightclubs start to slow down between 2 AM and 4 AM on the weekdays. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/28/16

Feb 25 2016

Flippin' Good Burgers and Shakes New to Fremont Street, Flippin Good Burger is close to Container Park. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/25/16

Feb 16 2016

Serendipity 3 Caesars Palace Frozen Hot Chocolate nicknamed Frrrozen Hot Chocolate with three R's has made a claim of greatness from the Food Channel to the Travel Channel. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/16/16

Feb 14 2016

Pawn Shop Plaza BBQ and Pizza

Years ago, hot dogs stands fought over the parking lot belonging to the Pawn Stars on the History Channel at 713 Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass Avenue. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/14/16

Feb 13 2016

Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House

Yong Kang Street Dumpling and Noodle House

Taste of Chinese appetizers, thick udon noodles from Taiwan, all within the atmosphere of Paris, France. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/13/16

Feb 12 2016

Marash Turkish Ice Cream

The Marash Turkish Ice Cream at the Grand Bazaar Shops

The view of the fountains at the Bellagio with ice cream! ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 02/12/16

Jan 3 2016

Washington and Hollywood Dine at Piero's

Hollywood celebrities associated with Frank Sinatra's Rat Pack have been dining with Las Vegas leaders from Washington DC to City Hall Downtown since 1982 at the best Italian restaurant in the Entertainment Capital of the World named Piero's across from the Las Vegas Convention Center. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 01/03/16

Dec 26 2015

Three Angry Wives Irish Pub

Warm, comfortable, a great place to watch sports, Three Angry Wives is a remarkable restaurant with a warm atmosphere. ...Read More

Posted By Thomas Chee - 12/26/15

Jun 3 2014

Rx Boiler Room Las Vegas

 The Rx Boiler Room is located inside Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino.  The restaurant has described its dining experience as an alchemy of food and drink.  The menu offers a variety of comfort food style of choices.  The restaurant features celebrity Chef Rick Moonen who has also been associated with a number of other well-known dining establishments.  Staff are friendly and knowledgeable of menu options.  The Rx Boiler Room has a reputation for customer service that exceeds expectations.  It can be a great place for group dining.

The lounge is comfortable.  It presents exclusive cocktails, one of the most popular of which is the Smoked Whiskey & Cola.  The Smoked Whiskey & Cola cocktail is shaken with smoke which provides the drink with a unique and appealing essence.  It has quality bartending staff that are recognized as outgoing, entertaining, and good at the art of mixing.  The Rx Boiler Room restaurant & lounge has been designed in a style reminiscent of steampunk.  The style, intended to resemble the steampunk of science fiction lore, has been well received.  Some say it is a cool atmosphere, interesting, as well as attractive.  The Rx Boiler Room can be a good choice for those seeking an out-of-the-ordinary dining venue with a signature ambience.  

...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 06/03/14

May 28 2014

The Aquaknox

The Aquaknox Global Water Cuisine is located inside The Venetian Las Vegas, on the Las Vegas Strip.  The Aquaknox is an exclusive restaurant serving first class seafood as well as an impressive variety of menu options appealing to a wide range of guests.  Some of the Aquaknox’s specialty dishes include surf & turf, lobster bisque, and John Dory.  Other dishes that remain popular with guests are stuffed lobster, Alaskan king crab legs, and the 10 oz fillet mignon. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 05/28/14

May 15 2014

Golden Steer Steak House

Established in 1958, the Golden Steer Steak House in Las Vegas has been an enduring, celebrated restaurant well known locally and across the country.  It is among the most historical steakhouses in Las Vegas.  The Golden Steer serves a wide selection of quality steaks, prime grade cuts, and the best seafood.  At its peak, the Golden Steer was the destination of major Rat Pack era celebrities and Las Vegas resort high rollers.  A number of big name celebrities frequented the restaurant & bar in times past.  Today well known persons and those seeking the best in fine dining still visit the establishment.  The Golden Steer is considered to have an “old Las Vegas” type of ambience.

The steakhouse has remained largely unchanged in its concept since it opened.  Today, it features private booths named after celebrities that were once regular customers.  Guests may reserve seating in the booths.  The Golden Steer’s menu has also remained consistent.  The restaurant is known for its flambé dishes and Caesar salad made table side, among other dining options.  The Golden Steer has experienced staff.  Many consider the quality of food and service to be exceptional.  The restaurant offers a full bar with gaming, and has daily specials. ...Read More

Posted By LasVegas.Net - 05/15/14

Jul 5 2012

Luv It Custard luvitcustard_366_02_520
Do you have a craving for some frozen custard? Well then Luv It Custard is the place to go. ...Read More

Posted By James Arnett - 07/05/12

May 11 2012

Dinner @ Roberto’s


The freeway exit at E Russel Rd and Boulder Highway is a quaint one, with only a handful of commercial establishments present. ...Read More

Posted By Pete - 05/11/12

Jun 23 2009

New at Casino MonteLago: Portofino Italian Steakhouse Casino MonteLago at Lake Las Vegas has a new steakhouse. ...Read More

Posted By Pete Allman - 06/23/09

Apr 1 2009

An Evening at Tamba Indian Cuisine

Las Vegas, NV - Under the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas there are many restaurants specializing in all kinds of cuisine. ...Read More

Posted By Pete Allman - 04/01/09

Mar 1 2009

Pete Allmans CSN Tips Guy Savoy, French Cuisine and Friendly Staff

Guy Savoy , a French cuisine dining spot located in Caesars Palace is a family operation named for the father, who lives in France, and managed by son Fronck Savoy. ...Read More

Posted By Pete Allman - 03/01/09