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May 1 2014

Experiencing Pinball’s Past at The Pinball Hall of FamePosted By LasVegas.Net - 05/01/14

Pinball is a game with a long history.  Similar games, such as bagatelle, have been around for centuries.  In the early 1900s, bagatelle-type games typically featured a metal ball that would be struck and then travel through a path on the game board.  The games lacked pinball flippers that could further contribute to the action once the ball was traveling inside the game.  Pinball games have developed over time.  Flippers were added.  Manufacturers began to design games with electronic features that enhanced the play of the game.  Complex game rules began to be used to a point where they were detailed enough that many players did not have a complete grasp of the full features. 

Some may not know that pinball has been viewed negatively in times past—it was considered a game of chance in some areas, similar to gambling games.  There were areas in the Unites States where for decades pinball was not legal.  This prohibition on pinball games lasted into the 1970s in a number of cities.  The pinball game industry experienced a large decline in the 1990s.  Far fewer players were attracted to the games as other new electronic entertainment devices were introduced and became popular.  The number of pinball game manufacturers declined.  A number of companies exited the market.  This has left some pinball enthusiasts disappointed and hoping for a revival of interest in the games.

The Pinball Hall of Fame provides access to hundreds of modern and classic pinball games.  It is located in Las Vegas near the Strip, and is a non-profit organization.  The Pinball Hall of Fame can be worth the trip to explore an interesting entertainment pastime with a long history.