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Dec 28 2015

New Year’s ResolutionPosted By Mike Young - 12/28/15

Millions of people each New Year’s Eve promise themselves that they will change one (or more) of their negative behaviors. A tradition we call our “New Year’s resolution”. For many it’s a yearly opportunity to improve the quality of their life. For others it’s like a weird cousin. You know you shouldn’t take them too seriously… but you can’t help being amused and playing along when they make an appearance each year. And still a large percentage of people have stopped making New Year’s resolutions altogether because they believe they just don’t work.  

If you choose to make a resolution this year, remember to be kind to yourself. There are days when you will succeed and others when you will fail. On the days you fall short, treat it as an opportunity to learn, rather than as a reason to give up. It is possible to succeed with your New Year’s resolutions. It isn’t going to be easy though!