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Jan 11 2019

New Year and your New Yearís ResolutionsPosted By Jennifer Levin - 01/11/19

Well, we are well into our second week of 2019. Letís guess, this is the year you exercise more, eat healthier, drink less, quit smoking, save more money?  Just one problem, that's what you said last year and just about this time last year was the last time you had a salad or have been to the gym!  Research has been done and advice has been followed. This year is going to be different. You have made your resolutions, now you just have to read how to keep them.

Start small - doing the bare minimum is key. Probably sounds too good to be true, however; science backs it up. In 2012, there was a TED Talk outlining the simplest and yet most effective way to cement new habits was to rather than focusing on completing small, easy tasks every single day that add up to making a difference.  Rather than trying to stay motivated to complete a big task, it's easier to find a small one that always feels attainable.

Keep your resolutions to yourself. Have you already abandoned your New Year's resolution, after making a grand proclamation on Facebook? 

Pick a start date and Go For It Ė You donít have to wait until a New Year. There are 365 days in year to make a fresh start!