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Jun 18 2014

Secret Garden & Dolphin HabitatPosted By LasVegas.Net - 06/18/14

In the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage, people can see fascinating big cats close up in natural looking scenery and a tropical theme.  The animals frolic and relax in well-tended surroundings.  Rare lions, as well as tigers, and leopards can be seen.  Big cats in the Secret Garden often walk around.  They have impressive size and strength.  Visitors can find opportunities for pictures.  Many people think that the close up view of the animals is remarkable.  Siegfried, of Siegfried & Roy, is known to sometimes visit the Secret Garden at the Mirage.  Some people say that they have been able to talk to Siegfried when he was there.

The Dolphin Habitat hosts animals in a favorable environment.  It presents shows at times during the day where trainers feed and interact with the Habitatís playful-looking dolphins.  The dolphins swim and jump, sometimes in coordinated movements.  Staff are sometimes available to answer questions during the shows about the dolphins and the Habitat.  One can sense the intelligence of the dolphins, and that they seem to live in positive, healthy conditions.  There is an area where people can watch the animals while they are underwater.  Dolphins seem to interact at times with people watching them through the windows separating the underwater tank from visitors.

The Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat provides an entertainment choice engaging for all ages, placed within green vegetation and a rocky background.  It is an experience that can appeal to everyone.  The Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat facilities are close to other attractions on the Las Vegas Strip area, making it convenient to see.  Less than half an hour can be enough to explore and enjoy the Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage.