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May 8 2018

Mike Young VP of Marketing & Sales at LV.Net with his girlfriend Abie DurstPosted By Mike Young - 05/08/18


Mike Young (VP of Marketing & Sales at LV.Net) sat down with his girlfriend Abie Durst and the
celebrity chef himself Rick Moonen to do a brief interview and a food/beverage tasting at Rx
Boiler Room, the newer of his two Mandalay Bay eat spots.

They discussed Moonen's concepts & design for his restaurants, both of which feature
steampunk style accoutrements, low-lighting and a relaxed vibe. Aside from owning and
operating two fine dining establishments for over a decade (RM Seafood opened in 2005),
Moonen is also a true Las Vegas resident.

The trio sampled some of the more interesting dishes featured on RX Boiler Room's menu, such
as: Duck Poutine, Chicken Pot Pie Nuggets & Buffalo Fried Oysters. They also shared a variety of
signature cocktails (pictured).