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Mental Starring Luke Jermay
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Mental - Magic and Mind Reading

Luke Jermay, the English Metalist currently performing at Oshea's casino is, like many other mentalists, very mysterious. He appears friendly, genial, and fast-moving, but somewhere amidst the small talk and quick jokes, he will say, "Is this your card?" or "And here it is in this envelope," or "Why don't you look under the table, it might be there," and you mind will be blown. The thought that just came into your head has been snatched out and written on a piece of paper by... ghosts? Elves? Luke Jermay?

Luke Jermay, MagicianCheap Mentalist shows are rare these days, thanks to the personal nature of the shows. Rooms full of hundreds of people can't see the power in a stunned participant's expression, or be five feet away as the performer pulls tiny scraps of paper out of an envelope with just the right emotions and memories written on them. You can't fill a stadium with a doodle on a playing card. But you can amaze a small showroom, and that's just what Mental Starring Luke Jermay does. Everyone in the small theater at Oshea's small casino can see the subtle hand motions and pick up every inflection coming out of the gifted performer.

Mental, Starring Mind Reader Luke Jermay, is a show that entrusts guest to the capable hands of a man who knows how to move a crowd. The big budget, big spectacle shows in Las Vegas can't compete with the sense of audience participation that comes naturally here in the small showroom. Tickets are cheap, give it a try!

  ADDRESS Oshea's Casino
Las Vegas, NV
  CITY Las Vegas
  OPEN HOURS This show has closed,
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