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May 27 2016

Memorial Day Traffic Alert - PreparePosted By Thomas Chee - 05/27/16

News radio, podcasts, airplaine pilots, and Nevada Highway Patrol are all issuing alerts for drivers headed into Las Vegas for Memorial Day Weekend, especially today Friday, May 27, 2016. Roads north towards Salt Lake City are jammed. The highway from Los Angeles is packed with cars that are reporting long lines for gas. Did you budget for water? Did you have your brakes checked? Will your car overheat in the hot weather? Drinking water is being sold for $5.00 per bottle between San Berrnadino and Primm as cars wait to pump gas. Near Barstow, the exit for fast food restaurants is bottle necked down to two lanes fighting to turn right. 
Important to check: 
Engine fluid
Tire pressure
Air conditioning 
Air filters 

Bring Water