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Jan 22 2014

Luxor Sky BeamPosted By LasVegas.Net - 01/22/14


The Luxor Sky Beam is one of Las Vegasís most recognizable and prominent features.  When it was originally constructed on the Luxor property, there were issues that needed to be addressed involving the power supply, electrical controls, and managing heat produced by the lights.  The Luxor Sky Beam was created by a team that included an architect and other design consultants.  39 lamps are employed.  Projected light from the lamps is focused into a beam of over 40 billion candlepower via specially designed curved mirrors.  The system uses 370,000 watts of power.  Temperatures in the room hosting the equipment can reach 130 degrees and higher.  The Luxor Sky Beam is so bright that it can be seen from space.  There are now fewer lamps used for the Sky Beam than it originally had because the reflectiveness of the mirrors it uses has been improved.  The room hosting the Sky Beamís equipment has also been designed to permit more light to escape to the outside.  The Luxor Sky Beam can be seen for 270 miles by aircraft.  It is an aviation landmark.