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Oct 11 2010

Lucky Day in Las VegasPosted By Alexander robinson III - 10/11/10

ctober 10th 2010 was a day of luck, joy, and happiness for many. Couples who wanted to spend the rest of thier days together found themselves flooding the Las Vegas chapels with hopes of worthy marriages that would last a life time. Vows and rings were exchanged laced with the luck that the day brought. Many anticipated this day and made their arrangements in advance so there would be no confusion or delay when unique day arrived. Wedding chapel all around Las Vegas had countless couples grace their doorways searching to secure love and life on of the triple ten day. Some even took it a step further and took their vows at 10:10am and 10:10 pm just to make sure that everything was aligned perfectly. This type of day only happens once a year and there are high that surround them.

The next time we see a rush of people looking to get married on a once-in-a-life-time day will take place next year on 11/11/2011. Las Vegas should again see a flock of anxious couples hit the city with matrimony on their minds. Dresses, tuxes and rings will be purchased, flowers will decorate the chapels, tears of happiness will flow, and new lives will begin. Though Las Vegas sees more marriages in one year than anywhere else in the world, 10/10/2010 was an obvious choice for many. In fact, there were so many people who took their vows on this lucky day that if they all came back to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversary, the Bellagio would have to dedicate at least five of their hotel room floors to accommodate the couples! That's a whole lot of love in the air right there!

There are those couples who unfortunately missed this magical day. But no worries, if you have patience, the day of 11/11/2011 is right around the corner and awaits you to make that special day your own. So practice those vows, make your dream wedding plans, and pick out the perfect tux and dress. It will be here before you know it!

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