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Las Vegas Hypnosis Show Guide

Comedy Hypnotists: Leave the Kids at Home

A line of hypnotised show goers.

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Las Vegas and hilarious, off-color hypnotism shows go hand in hand. Las Vegas hypnotists seem to be in a contest with one another to see who can be the most raunchy, uncensored, and off-color practitioner of hypnotism in the city.  But be comforted to know that in no show do clothes come off, even in the deepest of trances.  But anything and everything short of that is encouraged, including pole dancing, furniture lovemaking, incorrect breast counting, badly-named pet calling, and very unusual, atheletic, noteworthy sexual experiences.  In the case of Anthony Cools, volunteers are given a post-hypnotic suggestion to "go home and have the best lovemaking of your life."  Perhaps that makes it all worthwhile?

This much is certain: watching your friends and loved ones obey any one of these hypnotists is gut-bustingly, floor-rollingly, cheeks-hurtingly hilarious.  It's funny when strangers are onstage.  But it's epic when your husband, or wife, is unknowingly licking a lollipop in the most suggestive way imaginable.

A hypnotised show goer doing a dance

Las Vegas Hypnotism: Skeptics welcome

Skeptics, above all others, should come and see for themselves. Even if they leave unconvinced, there's no denying the hilarity of watching someone in your group believing with their whole heart that their gender has been reversed.  But cynic after cynic has come out of a show with a new attitude, after seeing friends and strangers completely changed. 

The best way to undo skepticism is personal experience.  A common response from volunteers after returning from their hypnotic trance is: "I wasn't hypnotized.  What happened?"  They don't remember doing their best Britney Spears impression at the top of their lungs in front of an audience, and it's not until they see the video of themselves that the conversion happens.

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