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May 28 2016

Green Tortoise Las Vegas Express Bus Road TripPosted By Thomas Chee - 05/28/16
Las Vegas is the perfect location to start your road trip. Salt Lake City to the north. Cut east to Aspen, Denver, Vail. Southeast drivers will cruise to the Grand Canyon. But if you don't want to drive your car, road trip with the Green Tortoise. Famous for Nevada trips to Burning Man, the Green Tortoise offers summer vacationers express service to San Francisco, California and Los Angeles. 

Las Vegas to San Francisco Express
June 4 to September 17, please check the dates and locations on their website.

Las Vegas to Los Angeles Express
June 4 to September 17 

Join the Green Tortoise Tours to Yosemite, Burning Man, and adventures from Las Vegas to the East Coast of the United States of America.

Visit the website at: