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Mar 10 2014

Guided Bike Tours By Escape Adventures (Las Vegas)Posted By LasVegas.Net - 03/10/14

Guided bike tours through the trails of Red Rock Canyon provided by Escape Adventures furnishes Las Vegas visitors with recreation options away from the gaming environment of the main Strip area. These tours are available during all seasons.  The Mustang Trails of Red Rock Canyon have something to offer cyclists of all experience levels.  These Trails run for 7 to 12 miles through Red Rock Canyon. They are considered well-suited for riders with less experience. More challenging trails for experienced riders are also within reach.  Guided bike tours from Escape Adventures supply transportation to Red Rock Canyon from locations on the Las Vegas Strip.

Guides from Escape Adventures are experienced and can provide information about the Conservation Area.  They know about the wildlife and features of the Trails.  Wild mustangs can sometimes be spotted.  Guides are able to accommodate riders of different experience levels by choosing trails that challenge all riders, but are also suited for those with more limited skills.  Bike tours can begin in the morning or afternoon.  There is a choice of half day or full day trips.  Mountain biking through the Mustang Trails in Red Rock Canyon provides outdoor fun and excitement.  Tours with Escape Adventures are a convenient option among other entertainment choices around Las Vegas.