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Restaurant Blogs

Mar 2 2016

Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQPosted By Thomas Chee - 03/02/16
Dae Jang Keum Korean BBQ has grills where customers can roast specially prepared beef, pork and seafood at the table. Surrounded by a variety of fine restaurants from Vietnam, Thailand and noodle bars serving dim sum, Dae Jang Keum specializes in Korean styled BBQ that is served throughout the day for 24 hours. I brought my coworkers from the office. Everyone enjoyed the marinated short ribs that absorbed the hot and spice, sweet sauce the ribs were prepared in. My friends thought the dumpling soups were delicious. Plus the dishes were prepared with such grace. Each carrot shaped like a flower or sharp palm leaf. This was especially nice because one of my coworkers had never eaten Korean food before. Now he wants to return.