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Apr 21 2016

Purple Pain


Music and fashion icon Prince was by all accounts a game changer. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 04/21/16

Apr 4 2016

MGM To Rename and ReBrand The Monte Carlo

Jim Murren, MGM Resorts International Chairman and CEO devulged today that in June, the Monte Carlo hotel will be renamed and rebranded. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 04/04/16

Feb 23 2016

Oh, Big Brother! Apple Battles US Government Last week, the federal government secured a court order requiring Apple engineers to extract data from a phone associated with the tragic shootings in San Bernardino, CA. If Apple were to lose the case, the legal precedent could give the government broad authority to order companies to assist in breaking into encrypted products. Industry executives say no matter the outcome, this will likely prompt tech company's efforts to engineer safeguards against government intrusion.  ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 02/23/16

Feb 10 2016

Apple released iOS 9.3 beta 3

Earlier this week, released iOS 9.3 beta 3 —The first beta of iOS 9.3 revealed a new Night Shift mode, smart education upgrades, additional 3D Touch shortcuts and the ability to lock Notes using Touch ID. ...Read More

Posted By Kimberli Itah - 02/10/16

Feb 9 2016

J-Lo extends her 'All I Have' residency

To say the first half of Jennifer Lopez' residency at PH has been successful would be an understatement. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 02/09/16

Feb 1 2016

The Las Vegas Raiders- The NFL Says "It's not out of the question"


For the first time the NFL has not flatly dismissed the idea of a professional football franchise in Las Vegas. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 02/01/16

Jan 27 2016

Facebook-Sales-Exceed-All-Expectations Facebook Inc destroyed investors expectations with a 51% revenue jump last quarter. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 01/27/16

Jan 11 2016

The newest hottest gadgets revealed at CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas 2016

The newest hottest gadgets revealed at CES Las Vegas

The Lovable Robot Dog

CHiP is affectionate, loyal and best of all trainable. ...Read More

Posted By Kimberli Itah - 01/11/16

Dec 28 2015

New Year’s Resolution

Millions of people each New Year’s Eve promise themselves that they will change one (or more) of their negative behaviors. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 12/28/15

Dec 17 2015

Last Night's Miss Universe Pageant at Planet Hollywood Showcased Out of this World Costumes! Miss USA, Olivia Jordan from last night's Miss Universe prelim. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 12/17/15

Dec 12 2015

Superstar Johnny Depp makes rare strip appearance Johnny Depp and his wife, Amber Heard made a rare strip appearance at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace where they attended Reba and Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 12/12/15

Dec 2 2015

The NASCAR Champion's Week takeover of Las Vegas has begun!

NASCAR's brightest stars lit up the red carpet today at Fanfest en route to the Third Street Stage downtown today. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 12/02/15

Nov 30 2015

Frank Sinatra to be honored on what would've been his 100th birthday 'Ol Blue Eye's century mark will be celebrated at many locations on and off the strip beginning on Dec. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 11/30/15

Nov 20 2015

Mike Tyson enters bitcoin business

The first of 100 Mike Tyson branded bitcoin ATMs was recently unveiled at -Off The Strip at the LINQ Restaurant-. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 11/20/15

Nov 7 2015

Tryst Nightclub’s Decade of Decadence comes to an end

DJ Dave Fogg will return tonight to close the nightclub that he helped debut 10 years ago. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 11/07/15

Oct 29 2015

LV.Net 20th Anniversary and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Carolyn Goodman

The ribbon-cutting will be attended by the Mayor of the City of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce as it welcomes LV.Net as one if its newest members of the President's Club. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 10/29/15

Sep 30 2015

Las Vegas’ own Isaac Caldiero is American Ninja Warriors first champion

On winning the $1 million Caldiero stated “I’m still in disbelief that it really happened. ...Read More

Posted By Mike Young - 09/30/15

Jan 30 2014

The Neon Museum

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas displays formerly famous neon signs of regional Hotel/Casinos and other well-known businesses from past decades and up until more recent times.  Nighttime tours and advance ticket sales are available.  The Museum is open starting at 10 am.  During lightning storms or excessive wind, tours may be cancelled.  Wearing closed-toe shoes is recommended due to the outdoor area and properties of the restored signage.  Neon signs on the property are lit after dark.  The restored, formerly famous signs provide an opportunity for study for those interested in Las Vegas history, as well as a chance to observe changes in design styles over the eras.  Tours are guided and last about one hour.  The La Concha Visitors Center is near the property.  The Neon Museum has also placed a dozen restored signs around Downtown Las Vegas which can be seen at all times of day or night.

...Read More

Posted By - 01/30/14

Oct 21 2010

Fremont Stree Adds Ziplines, Drunken Screaming, to Attractions

Remember the Fremont Street light show that had a fighter jet roar past overhead?  Me neither, I just saw a photo on the internet.  Everytime I've gone recently I see that country music extravaganza.  But the jet picture captured my imagination.  It just seems like a lot of fun to zip along under that giant canopy, waving at the pedestrians on the ground.  And finally, somebody made it real.

Greenheart Conservation Company, responsible for the ziplines by Boulder City, has set up a thrill at the Fremont Street Experience.  Riders can depart from the roof of the parking garage and slide 800 feet through the crowded entertainment area, to a landing platform 14 feet off the ground.  The lines and towers now in place are temporary, but the plan is to make it a permenant installation, and lengthen it, too.  Greenheart co-founder Ian Green, hopes to create a zipline down the entire length of the Fremont Street Experience.

In case you don't know, a zipline is a steel cable hung between two towers of differing heights.  Riders strap themselves into a harness dangling from the cable at the highest tower, step over the edge, and let the cable zip them along over forests, trails, rivers, and waterfalls.  The ride can be 50 feet or 2,000 feet long.  Greenheart Conservation Co. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/21/10

Oct 18 2010

The Hoover Dam Bypass is Finally Here! (Sort of)

On October 16th, a celebration was held on top of the just-completed Hoover Dam Bypass bridge.  Cars were not allowed, and pedestrians were bused in to take part in the celebration. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/18/10

Oct 12 2010

New, obscure Las Vegas Show added!

I'm responsible for adding most of the new shows to our giant Las Vegas show directory . ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/12/10

Oct 11 2010

There's a New Hash House a Go Go at the M Resort

In a positive development for Henderson and Anthem residents, the Hash House a Go Go has opened at the M resort.  Back in my Summerlin days, I would go to the the Hash House a Go Go on Sahara when I was really hungry.  Or, better make that really, really hungry.  Their portion sizes are large.  But I haven't been back since I moved to Henderson, and I haven't been to the one in the Imperial Palace, either.

If you haven't been, just imagine a very comfortable and reasonably priced restraunt serving classic comfort and farm food. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/11/10

Oct 8 2010

100 Rappelling Off the Rio

Watch Average People Repel Off the Rio Today in Las Vegas

Have you heard the economy is down?  The economy is down.  Seems like casinos are turning to stunts these days.  I'm not complaining, though.

Todays stunt involves 100 people rappelling down the side of the Rio all-suite hotel.  They're not atheletes.  They're not people who have rapelled before.  They're just a crowd of average Joes who weigh between 110 and 300 pounds, and want to raise money for the special olympics. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/08/10

Oct 7 2010

Cheap Stuff on 10/10/10

Wow.  I did a quick check to see what the travel companies and hotels were doing for 10/10/2010.  It's a lot.

A few years back, on 07/07/07, I was working up in the Stratosphere Tower.  I remember a flood of marriages.  Every time I'd look up a bride would be walking by.  On the indoor observation deck, a minister worked for 14 hours, just marrying couple after couple.

I'm expecting something like that on this 10/10/10.  The date is just one long string of lucky number, and that's usually good for business in Las Vegas, a town where superstition dominates the clientele.

The Hard Rock Hotel is taking advantage.  You can find a list of their best deals here .  

The travel companies are offering some really outstanding deals.  I'm not kidding, that's not marketing-speak for "10% off your minibar purchases."  You can reserve one night in the Carribean at regular price and book up to three more for $10.

And on 10/10/10, at 10:10am, 10 couples will become engaged by the Trevi Fountain in the Forum Shops at Caesars.  The couples are all contest winners, and Donny Osmond will be on hand to re-propose to his wife.  

Does it really count as becoming engaged if you both know about it ahead of time?  Wouldn't the day you both realize you're going to get married count as the beginning of your engagement?  Ah, well.  Call me traditional, but I like suprises.

...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/07/10

Oct 4 2010

The Hard Rock Las Vegas and the Recession

Older casinos seem comfortable admitting that they're struggling financially.  They're not viewed as big winners any more, and have settled into their roles as pieces of history.  When they announce a renovation, half the locals complain for the sake of nostalgia.

The current crop of young casinos, however, are not really allowed to talk about hard times.  The best they can do is to talk about "competition" and "fighting for business."  "Struggling" is a word for old folks.  "Fighting" is what the cool kids to when times get tough.

In an optimistic interview with Joseph A. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 10/04/10

Aug 26 2010

Is Las Vegas One Big Con?

Las Vegas' True Personality

Okay, we all know that cities develop personalities.  Los Angeles is good-looking but shallow.  Chicago is stylish and knows all the best restaurants.  Tokyo has toys you've never seen before, but can't live without.  Portland, OR, invites you over to read comics in the basement.  Springfield, MO, will bring the truck around to help you move.  Kansas City, KS, values a good education and doesn't mind if you smoke a little.  Negril, Jamaica will take you to the best parties if you buy the drinks.

When I first visited Las Vegas, I figured it out immediately.  Las Vegas has lifts in its shoes, starch in its oversized collar, a big fake grin and a prominent wad of bills poking out of its suit pocket.  Las Vegas has a bridge to sell you, a bet you can't lose.  It will give you a hundred bucks if you can just guess which cup the coin is under.  Las Vegas is a con man.

A Real, Live Con Man

I knew an actual con man once, or maybe a better way to say it would be "pathological liar."  He came into my life when I was 19 or so, stayed for three weeks, then left with hundreds of my dollars and the trust of several of my friends.  It took a long time to repair those damaged relationships.

I moved to Las Vegas in summer 2005.  Like a lot of people, I moved for the opportunity.  The city was booming more than any other in the country.  My opinion changed.  Las Vegas wasn't a con man.  Las Vegas was a streetwise hustler, who got up early and stayed up late, always on the lookout for the next deal.  Education didn't matter here, or family, or experience.  The only thing was to stay sharp, to make those connections, to find the bargains and sell high.  All you needed was energy, and the whole world would open up.  Most of the people I met were making a lot of money.

This con man that I knew, he was so much fun to be around.  He would never sit still and watch TV, he was too addicted to people for that.  He could walk up to any stranger and turn them into a friend. 

For a shy midwestern kid like me, being around him was like going to school.  Instead of watching the pretty girls walk by, like me, he would charge.  "Hi," he'd say, and then branch out into spontaneous comments about the way they were dressed, or where they were going, or what we were up to that night that required their presence.  He was fearless.  I would hang back, planning a conversation, and at about the time I got my courage up to speak he would come back with phone numbers and promises.  I was in awe.  I never saw anyone react to him with anything less than good humor.

Las Vegas crashed with the rest of the country in 2008, and its character changed again.  Visitors couldn't see the difference, but I could.  They still saw huge crowds of pedestrians, long lines at the bars, and forty dollar charges to enter the nightclubs.  I saw the housekeepers losing jobs, the cocktail waitress complaining of their half-sized tips, and the traffic on The Strip lightening up until I could actually drive on it.  You know business is bad when you can drive from Flamingo to Tropicana on Las Vegas Boulevard in less than ten minutes.  I had been conned.  It wasn't a city of opportunity.  Las Vegas, always a high roller, had become the high roller after a hard day of losing:  Still genial, still good company, still grinning from ear to ear and tipping the bartenders, but furiously calculating percentages and opportunities on the inside.  Las Vegas had changed its tune.

The con man, in the three weeks that I knew him, got onto thin ice a couple of times with the tales that he told.  In those moments, he would generate a more complex story on the spot to escape.  By the end, he had become the son of a mafia don, a close affiliate of the Yakuza.  He was an expert in hand-to-hand and weaponed combat, a fluent speaker of Japanese, and a hunted man.  He possessed three sports cars and several million dollars, though he was unable to claim them at the moment. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 08/26/10

Aug 16 2010

Las Vegas Must-Sees tiny_luxor_las_vegas_300_520
Las Vegas Must-Sees

A list of Las Vegas must-sees will provide perspective to any over-stimulated Las Vegas visitor. ...Read More

Posted By Tielman - 08/16/10