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May 25 2016

Casino Bunk Beds in Las VegasPosted By Thomas Chee - 05/25/16

Elvis celebrated his wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. His room had a special design. Frank Sinatra had a special bedroom made for him inside a casino. Tourists took pictures of the bed Elvis slept in. Presidents and kings all visit Las Vegas. The bed rooms are amazing. Keep the customers coming back. Make the lighting terrific for every picture taken. Before Summer 2016, casinos started to introduce bunk beds. More space for more people. More beds for more tourists. Keep the tourists in the casino. Make more space. 

Bunk beds maximize floor space in college dormatories. Beds are stacked. Mattresses are elevated. Prison cells fill more criminals into a room using bunk beds. Now Las Vegas hotels have a theory: Pack in the students. Give them bunk beds to sleep in. 

The students arriving to Las Vegas from university dorms want to swim, gamble, play golf, and so the first dormatory type bunk beds have been introduced by the LINQ. Directly on the Las Vegas Strip at 3535 Las Vegas Blvd South across from Caesars Palace, visitors can share a room by sleeping in beds that climb high. 

Perfect timing for the bunk bed industry, IKEA just opened in Las Vegas. If the beds become popular, more business will come to IKEA.