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Bellagio Nightlife
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Bellagio Las Vegas Nightlife

Experiencing Las Vegas at night is something you do not want to miss during your trip. There is something for everyone, whether you want to kick up your heels and party, or simply enjoy a quiet evening of cocktails or dinner in beautiful surroundings. There are six clubs which shine under the canopy of the Bellagio experience. You will enjoy one or all of these, which include Fontana Bar, The Bank, Caramel, Petrossian Bar, Baccaret Bar, and Pool Bar. And we certainly do not want to forget the nine outstanding casinos for your gambling pleasure.

Nightclubs at Bellagio

The Bank, the nightclub at Bellagio Las Vegas

The Bank

Three tiers of dancing, drinks, and bottle service. Everything sparkles. The base color of everything is black, with edges and tops and fixtures glittering with silver and gold. The effect is striking, when the lights are flashing and reflecting off of everything in sight. The club manages to fill up its 6,600 square feet nearly every weekend, so arriving early is a good idea.

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Bars & Lounges at Bellagio

The Fontana Bar, with its great view of the Bellagio Fountains

Fontana Bar

Fontana Bar at Bellagio Las Vegas offers live entertainment with views of Lake Bellagio. The view is so good, in fact, that if the wind is strong, drinkers and dancers will find themselves enwreathed in mist. In the Summertime, it's a good thing to be sprayed. In winter, when it's thirty-five degrees outside, staying in might be a better idea. Live music plays every night, and different styles of dancing can be observed or enjoyed in front of the bands.

The Caramel lounge: the hangout spot when clubbing is just too much work.

Caramel Bar & Lounge

Caramel Bar & Lounge at Bellagio Hotel offers Martinis, infused vodkas, sake and specialty drinks. If shouting into the ear of a new friend while the DJ pumps up the volume yet again isn't your favorite way to spend the night, try this casual, laid-back lounge for the evening. The top forty still booms, but no one will scream "Is anyone here from California DRUNK tonight??!!" into a microphone (unless one of those bride-to-bes cajoles her way into the DJ booth). It's club-like in style, but the minimal dance floor sees little traffic. The focus is on sitting, drinking, and talking.

The Petrossian Lounge in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel is the meetup spot for food, drinks, and cocktails.

Petrossian Lounge

Petrossian Lounge at Bellagio Las Vegas is an ideal location to meet companions for afternoon tea or an evening of champagne, smoked salmon and Petrossian Caviar. Sure, it's just a hotel bar. But it's the Bellagio's hotel bar, and the Bellagio does everything with taste and style, down to the pillowcases and gift shops. Located right off the hotel lobby, the Petrossian Lounge draws in one visitor at a time with live music, great food, and clever drinks.

The baccarat Bar brings old, stylish Vegas back to life with its view of the high-stakes tables and signature cocktails.

Baccarat Bar

Baccarat Bar at Bellagio Hotel and Casino is the place for exotic drink specialties and blended fruit or wine cocktails while listening to the music of a baby grand piano. A laid-back, classic luxury Vegas atmosphere pervades, and loungers can overlook the high-stakes tables on the Casino floor. Nothing takes the edge off of paying eighteen dollars for a drink like watching some unfortunate tourist lose five thousand dollars on one roulette spin. Bartenders are well-chosen here, making the Baccarat Bar a keen place to go for insight into Vegas life, how to get your relationships back on track, and bathroom locations.

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