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Nightlife Blogs

May 7 2014

Atomic LiquorsPosted By LasVegas.Net - 05/07/14

Atomic Liquors is a landmark bar & lounge in historic Downtown Las Vegas.  Originally opened in the 1940s under the name of Virginia's cafe, the owners changed its name in the early 1950ís to the Atomic.  In the 1950s, there was still nuclear testing in the desert near Las Vegas, and it could be seen from the Strip area.  Schedules were available informing people of when it was taking place.  Some people claim that shocks could be felt from the Strip area from blasts occurring in the desert. 

The Atomic has a historic and colorful history.  It has appeared in a number of movie scenes over the decades.  Its neon sign is well known locally, considered by some to be among the most famous neon signs in the Las Vegas area and beyond.  Today, Atomicís sign is largely unchanged from its original look.  Throughout its relatively long history as an entertainment spot, it has hosted a number of famous celebrities as regular customers at a time during the high points in their careers.  Part of the effort of restoring the Atomic includes naming a number of the barís seats in honor of some of the celebrities which used to visit the lounge regularly.  Some of the vintage equipment of the original bar is also on display.  Parts of the original bar have been preserved.  The loungeís building is considered historically significant. 

The Atomic represents a notable symbol of old Las Vegas.  It is open 7 days, offering free parking & drink specials.  The restoring and reopening of the Atomic contributes to the downtown revitalization effort as well as preserves a landmark symbol of old Las Vegas.