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Oct 12 2010

New, obscure Las Vegas Show added!Posted By Tielman - 10/12/10

I'm responsible for adding most of the new shows to our giant Las Vegas show directory . Generally, when a new production opens, I'll set up the page and add what details I can find, then go back after a couple of months and add more information.  I like either go to the show or read 20-30 reviews before I write anything, so I have to wait in most cases.  I did see Vegas! The Show in the first week or so it was opened, so that page went up right away.

Ai and Yuki, Zen MagicBut today I went to update Ai and Yuki: Zen MagicThe show has been running since July, and usually the online reviewing community pounces on this kind of thing.  I've found reviews on Yelp for the tiniest shows in the tiniest venues.  So it was a big suprise to find nothing on Yelp or TripAdvisor, usually my two best sources.  I found plenty of promotional material, ticket sales, and Ai and Yuki's own blog (All in Japanese), but nothing from customers.  The best material I found was on, and half of that was for the opening week's dress rehearsals.

So what's going on, internet?  Is no one seeing this show?  I'm going to try and visit it the week after next.  After all my research, I'm rooting for them to succeed... they had a pretty bad accident shortly after opening involving an awful trapeze fall, and I'm always ready to support someone who wants to bring a piece of their own culture to a tough American audience. So go see it, internet!  And as for you, Yelpers, I'm disapointed in you.  You know you want to share your opinions with the world, so come on, be the first!