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Oct 7 2010

Cheap Stuff on 10/10/10Posted By Tielman - 10/07/10

Wow.  I did a quick check to see what the travel companies and hotels were doing for 10/10/2010.  It's a lot.

A few years back, on 07/07/07, I was working up in the Stratosphere Tower.  I remember a flood of marriages.  Every time I'd look up a bride would be walking by.  On the indoor observation deck, a minister worked for 14 hours, just marrying couple after couple.

I'm expecting something like that on this 10/10/10.  The date is just one long string of lucky number, and that's usually good for business in Las Vegas, a town where superstition dominates the clientele.

The Hard Rock Hotel is taking advantage.  You can find a list of their best deals here .  

The travel companies are offering some really outstanding deals.  I'm not kidding, that's not marketing-speak for "10% off your minibar purchases."  You can reserve one night in the Carribean at regular price and book up to three more for $10.

And on 10/10/10, at 10:10am, 10 couples will become engaged by the Trevi Fountain in the Forum Shops at Caesars.  The couples are all contest winners, and Donny Osmond will be on hand to re-propose to his wife.  

Does it really count as becoming engaged if you both know about it ahead of time?  Wouldn't the day you both realize you're going to get married count as the beginning of your engagement?  Ah, well.  Call me traditional, but I like suprises.