Fall into Las Vegas

Residents of Las Vegas will not argue that September, October and November are the very best months of the year in Sin City weather wise. The massive heat wave begins to fade into distant memories and a whole new vibe takes over Las Vegas.

Truth be told, there is not very much time between the blistering summer heat where you hide out just about anywhere that has cool air conditioning and the chilly winter temperatures that have your breaking out your knit sweaters, scarves and hoodies. The weather throughout the fall season is comfortable and relaxing.

If you plan on visiting Las Vegas during Autumn months, you won’t be overwhelmed with crowds as many families stay put because school is back in season. The crowds do pick up in September as people want to bid the summer farewell and Halloween is a particularly busy holiday, especially if It happens to fall on a weekend. Thanksgiving is another busy week as many people travel to Las Vegas because of the holiday weekend. There is always something to do in Vegas however the with the fall brings sports!

Enjoy watching football at your favorite sportsbooks or catch Las Vegas minor league baseball team, the 51’s as they kill it out on Cashman Field downtown. Don’t forget the Golden Knights, a favorite time of the year for locals and you don’t have to be a hockey lover to root enjoy an exciting game!

A few things to remember if you are visiting Vegas in the fall are:

  1. Despite comfortable days, it tends to get colder in the evenings so pack accordingly.
  2. If planning a family trip, avoid Halloween as it tends to get a bit wild and crazy.
  3. Some showtimes, many of them go dark during these months due to the holiday season.