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Venetian Wedding Chapel

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As with love at first sight, once you glance upon the ageless beauty and romance of our Venice, and walk along the shimmering edge of The Grand Canal, you’ll be filled with the same certainty. This is the place to begin your life together...

Welcome to Venetian Weddings! The Venetian is where your dream Las Vegas wedding unites with storybook charm and old world Italy. We’re proud to offer a variety of romantic wedding packages to make your wedding an event to remember!


Selecting floral arrangements, creating atmosphere through music, preparing a celebratory meal symbolizing abundance and most importantly, choosing the perfect venue. In the Planning Your Ceremony section of our site, you’ll discover valuable information regarding our facilities, wedding packages, ceremonies and our fabulous essential luxuries guaranteed to enhance your celebration.

Ceremony Packages

Venetian Weddings offers many wedding packages from discreet to glamorous, flamboyant to charming, sophisticated to simple. Our wedding packages are designed to transport your guests into an experience as unique as your commitment.

Cerimonia Sul' Aqua (Ceremony on Water)

You glide upon the waters of The Grand Canal aboard an authentic Italian gondola. This ornately decorated white gondola is unlike any other, created exclusively for occasions such as this. You look deeply into each other’s eyes. You exchange vows. And you surrender completely to the emotional revelry that defines this moment.

The Cerimonia Sul’ Aqua package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonniere ($150 floral value)
Two 5" x 7" digital prints

$750 tax included

Additional services can be added to package
$100 Holiday and weekend premium (Friday-Sunday)
Auguri (Good Wishes)

The magical day unfolds exactly as you have dreamt of it, to the very detail. Adorned with roses, your bouquet radiates beauty. The chapel exudes the charm and style so typical of The Venetian. As the day draws to an end after final champagne toasts are made, you return to your room filled with excitement from the day’s events.

The Auguri package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching groom’s boutonniere ($200 floral value)
One-hour professional photography
29 color prints taken in the chapel and photographic studio, including one 10" x 13", four 8" x 10", four 5" x 7" and twenty 4" x 6"

Venetian photo album
Exclusive Invited Guest check-in for bride and groom
Perrier Jouet champagne gift set
Canyon Ranch SpaClub® day pass for two
One hour limousine service to be used as you choose
Bride & Groom Vista suite upgrade, based on availability
Video of ceremony
30-minute Rehearsal

$2,500 tax included

Ponte al di Piazza (Bridge Over the Square)

Celebrate your love on a bridge over the Grand Canal amid the sights and sounds of our own St. Mark’s Square. Imagine a bustling open-air setting amid singing gondoliers, distinctive boutiques, costumed performers, and courtyard cafes. As you exchange vows, onlookers join in the celebration. Nothing could be closer to a true Renaissance wedding.

The Ponte al di Piazza package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonniere ($200 floral value)
One-hour professional photography
27 prints covering the bridge and Grand Canal, including two 8" x 10", five 5" x 7" and twenty 4" x 6"
30-minute Rehearsal
Venetian photo album
Live musical accompaniment
Perrier Jouet Champagne gift set
Exclusive Invited Guest check-in for bride and groom

$2,200 tax included

Tesoro Mio (My Darling)

You’ve always dreamt of a day this elegant, this romantic. Surround yourself with family and friends amid the grandeur of our exquisite wedding chapels, as you proclaim your love to the world. Sophisticated yet understated, the Tesoro Mio package affords couples the same wonderfully enchanting chapel benefits as our other packages.

The Tesoro Mio package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonniere ($150 floral value)
Video of ceremony
30-minute Rehearsal
Perrier-Jouet Gift Set

$1,250 tax included

Additional services can be added to package
Available Monday-Thursday only
Not available on weekends or holidays

Salute (Good Health)

The magnificence of the bridal bouquet exceeds your wildest expectation, as does every moment in this day. From the exquisitely adorned chapel that embodies the spirit of Venetian dcor to the harmonious voice serenading the guests, each detail has been orchestrated with immaculate care. And each moment is expertly captured on film and video. Everything about this ceremony is perfect. And so is everything leading up to it as well as everything that follows: including breakfast in bed the next morning, followed by a blissful day at the spa.

The Salute package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching
Groom’s boutonniere ($250 floral value)
One-hour professional photography
48 prints taken in the chapel and photographic studio, including one 10" x 13", six 8" x 10", ten 5" x 7", thirty 4" x 6" and one wallet photo

Venetian photo album
Video of ceremony
Breakfast in bed
Bride & Groom Vista Suite upgrade, based on availability
Perrier Jouet champagne gift set
30-minute Rehearsal
Canyon Ranch SpaClub® day pass for two
Bridal Salon Package: Up-do, Manicure and Pedicure
One hour limousine service to be used as you choose
Exclusive Invited Guest check-in for bride and groom

$3,500 tax included

Additional services can be added to package
$500 Holiday and weekend premium (Friday-Sunday)

Fortuna (Good Fortune)

Your ultimate day begins with consummate indulgence. First a steam bath, then a visit to the salon. You enter your private bridal chamber and marvel at your exquisite bouquet. At the appointed time, you begin your procession toward the chapel itself, a breathtaking structure so ornate, so intimate, so distinctly Venetian. Years from now, you will relive this moment with pictures and videos.

After a day filled with lavish surprises, many emotion-blurred hours later, you retire to your suite. You look forward to tomorrow’s pleasures: breakfast in bed, an exotic Rasul session-for-two at the Spa and another joyous day of Venetian bliss.

The Fortuna package includes:

Create your own custom bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonniere ($300 floral value)
Two hours professional photography
92 prints taken in chapel and photographic studio, including one 10" x 13", eight 8" x 10", ten 5" x 7", seventy-two 4" x 6", and one wallet photo.

Video of ceremony
Venetian photo album
Exclusive Invited Guest Check-in for Bride and Groom
Choice of tandem massage or Rasul
30-minute Rehearsal
Perrier Jouet champagne gift set
Chocolate tuxedo strawberries
Breakfast in bed
Bride & Groom Prima Suite upgrade, based on availability
One hour limousine service to be used as you choose
Canyon Ranch SpaClub® day pass for two
Bridal Salon Package: Up-do, Manicure and Pedicure

$4,500 tax included

Additional services can be added to package
$500 Holiday and weekend premium (Friday-Sunday)

We've left no stone unturned when it comes to the sheer elegance of our facilities. Our magnificent Venetian event venues combined with your creative vision craft the storybook setting you’ve dreamt of for the perfect wedding.

The Venetian Chapel
This special place truly captures the romanticism of Venice an enchanted edifice where eternal love is sealed with a kiss. The full-service Venetian Wedding Chapels overlook the pool deck and lush garden. The Venetian offers three separate Chapels, each accommodating between 40-50 guests. All three chapels can be combined to provide 2,500 sq. ft., and seating for up to 150 guests. No matter what your dream ceremony entails, The Venetian Wedding Chapel is the perfect backdrop for that magical moment!

The Venetian Bridge
The waters of The Venetian wind throughout creating a myriad of canals. Standing above the Grand Canal in Venetian excellence; the Ponte al di Piazza, also known as bridge over the square, is simply breathtaking. This architecturally magnificent bridge serves as a stairway to longevity and prosperity as man and wife.

The Venetian Gondolas
A symbol of Italian tradition, our Venetian gondolas are as picturesque as they are romantic. The beautifully decorated, white gondola is uniquely crafted and authentically Italian. Bride and Groom float along The Grand Canal while their gondolier serenades them to create the ambiance of Venice. You’ll relish the moment.

Our ministers can be contacted well in advance, allowing you to become acquainted with one another and begin collaborating on what will be the perfect ceremony vows. To ensure that the ceremony occurs flawlessly, we offer a thirty minute rehearsal to familiarize you with the location and sequence of events; available for the majority of our packages.

Ministers and Rehearsals

Ministers All of our Ceremonies are performed by state licensed celebrants. Nevada State law requires all licensed celebrants to have a religious affiliation and also requires them to denote their title (Minister, Pastor and Reverend), as well as, the name of the Church at which they are ordained on the Marriage Certificate. The marriage is not recorded in any religious institution, only with the State of Nevada.

Our ministers can be contacted well in advance, allowing you to become acquainted with one another and begin collaborating on what will be the perfect ceremony vows.

The ceremony itself is non-denominational in nature with no religious content but can be modified to contain religious content if you so wish. This does not constitute a civil ceremony. Civil ceremonies are only available through the Clark County Courthouse. They are performed by a Judge or a Justice of the Peace and they are only performed at the Clark County Courthouse.

Venetian Wedding ceremonies may be performed by a minister of the couple’s choice, but that minister must be licensed in the state of Nevada.

Venetian Weddings is happy to accommodate rehearsals for most ceremonies. All rehearsals must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability. To ensure the ceremony occurs flawlessly, we offer a thirty-minute rehearsal to familiarize you with the location and sequence of events. Rehearsals are available for the majority of our packages.

Venetian Jewish Ceremonies

This specially designed Chuppa is available for chapel weddings.

Price: $500.00

We can recommend a Rabbi for your ceremony, from our preferred listing of local Rabbis. Rabbi fees are not included in our wedding packages and range from $250 to $350. Availability may be limited during select Jewish holidays and Jewish Sabbath, which begins Friday at sundown and ends Saturday at sundown.

Venetian Weddings presents Essential Luxuries, our collection of amenities available for all Venetian weddings. Essential Luxuries is where you’ll find everything you’ll need to make an already fabulous event even more spectacular!


Magically, flowers transform an occasion. Orchids, lilies, roses,
tulips visually distinguish any wedding they attend. Venetian Floral
offers a spectacular variety of fresh seasonal flowers only
comparable to the beauty of the blushing bride.

Venetian Floral Designers can assist you with creating the perfect

Flowers for the bridal party
From large bouquets complimenting the bridal arrangement in color and
style to a single flower keeping it simple and elegant, many variations for
bridal party bouquets have been demonstrated over time. It is thought
that carrying flowers or a bouquet add to the overall beauty of the
event’s presentation. However, even less known is that bouquets are
used as a creative tactic to quell nervous bridesmaids by giving them
something to do with their hands.

The Bridesmaids’ and Maid of Honor flowers are generally smaller than the
bride’s and coordinate with the bride’s bouquet. Traditionally, the bouquet
for the Maid of Honor is slightly larger than the Bridesmaids and usually
exhibits a slightly unique theme or color combination to set her apart from
the others.

Bridal party hairpieces
Floral garlands consisting of sturdy, flexible and heat tolerant flora are
recommended as hairpieces and may be accentuated by a small veil
cascading along the back.

Bridal bouquets
The focal point of any wedding is the bride and the flowers she chooses to
adorn herself with. Every detail of the bouquet says something about her,
from her choice of flowers and colors to the style of the bouquet itself. It’s
a statement of her personal style and compliments her appearance.

Flower girl
Traditionally, the flower girl wears a delicate wreath of flowers as a hairpiece and carries a basket of rose petals that she scatters along the path of the bride. When ceremony location prohibits this activity, a single rose is handed to guests along the aisle as she walks towards the altar.

Tossing bouquet
In order to preserve a bridal bouquet, the bride should also consider a tossing bouquet. Generally smaller, but very similar, this bouquet will act as a messenger to your single girlfriends informing them that they will be next to wed. A delicate touch of sprigs of fresh ivy included in the tossing bouquet symbolizes friendship and fidelity.

Current trends in bridal bouquets:
Bouquets created of entirely one kind of flower showcasing the flower’s uniqueness.
Monochromatic color schemes
Long Stems rather than completely disguised in cloth or hidden from sight
Unique elements added to a bouquet to represent the bride and groom such as crystals on a wire, silver or gold leaves or berries

Wildflowers representing nature are suitable for an outdoor ceremony

Mothers and grandmothers
All mothers and grandmothers should display a corsage pinned to their gowns. It is important to address the preferred style, wrist or pin corsage, prior to the wedding as well as color so the corsage may match their dresses.

Groom’s boutonniere
Worn on the groom’s left lapel, nearest his heart, boutonnieres are typically a single bloom such as a rosebud. Should the groom choose to wear a rosebud, add a touch of greens or filler being used in the Bride’s bouquet or, simply add an additional rosebud to distinguish him from the groomsmen and attendants.

Ushers and family members’ boutonnieres
Each groomsman displays a boutonniere on his left lapel in similar fashion to the groom. In most cases, ushers and family members who play an important role in the ceremony or in the lives of the bride and groom will also display a boutonniere.

Generally, the boutonniere worn by attendants or family members is a single rosebud.

Flowers may be seasonal, and are subject to availability.


  Romance of the Renaissance relived through song. No wedding is complete without song to carry your love as it floats to a new dimension through words and harmony.

The Venetian offers a wide selection of music for any occasion. Listed below is our selection of chapel music offerings.

Prelude music
Music played during the arrival of guests as they are seated is called the prelude music. It will be heard for 20 minutes prior to the ceremony and will create a lovely mood by its serene nature and uplifting harmony. The prelude music will be played at a volume that creates a suitable background for reflection, and light conversation.

Processional music
The music performed as the bridal party enters and proceeds down the aisle is known as Processional Music. Stately and grand, Processional Music will last until the wedding party arrives at the altar. These selections have a clearly audible cadence making it simple for you and your attendants to keep time as you proceed down the aisle.

Venetian Weddings processional music includes:
Wagner, Bridal Chorus (from Lohengrin)
Pachelbel, Canon in D
Vivaldi, Guitar Concerto in D Major, Largo
Vivaldi, Winter, Largo (from The Four Seasons)
Clarke, Trumpet Voluntary
Gabrieli, Canzon V
Handel, Air (from Water Music)
Handel, Larghetto (from Xerxes)
Handel, Oboe Concerto, Adagio
Monteverdi, Toccata (from L’Orfeo)
Charpentier, Te Deum
Purcell, trumpet Tune
Telemann, Trumpet Concerto in D, Allegro
Mussorgsky, Pomenade (from Pictures at an Exhibition)
MacDowell, To A Wild Rose

Recessional music
The kissing of the bride and groom marks the end of the ceremony and the pronouncement of the couple as man and wife. As bride and groom exit arm in arm, followed by their attendants, the Recessional Music will be joyous with sentiments of hope and excitement. The Recessional Music is considered celebratory and festive proclaiming your union to your guests.

Venetian Weddings recessional music includes:
Mendelssohn, Wedding March
Walton, Crown Imperial
Vivaldi, Spring, Allegro (from The Four Seasons)
Handel, Hallelujah Chorus (from The Messiah)
Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Handel, Hornpipe (from Water Music)
Handel, Hornpipe (from Concerto Grosso op 6 No.7)
Beethoven, Ode to Joy
Telemann, Trumpet Concerto in D II, Allegro

Venetian Photo/Video Services


Your wedding day will be among the most cherished memories of your life. Over time, however, even our most precious memories begin to fade.

Our professional staff of photographers will help preserve those memories through picture-perfect photography. Regardless of how many years pass, each time you glance at your wedding album you will recall the day and be filled with its emotions, as though it were yesterday.

Each Chapel Wedding Package includes one-half hour each of Chapel and Photo Studio time. Additional photography time and a variety of print packages can be added from our a la carte menu.

Additional photography time:
1 hour
2 rolls of film
4 x 6 proofs (approx. 72 proofs)

$210 tax included

Photo print packages:
Auguri Print Package:
(20) 4 x 6 prints
(4) 5 x 7 prints
(4) 8 x 10 prints
(1) 10 x 13 print

$ 215 tax included

Salute Print Package:
(30) 4 x 6 prints
(10) 5 x 7 prints
(6) 8 x 10 prints
(1) 10 x 13 print
(1) Sheet of wallet prints from favorite photo

$ 377 tax included

Fortuna Print Package:
Proofs of entire photo shoot (approx. 72 4 x 6 prints)
(10) 5 x 7 prints
(8) 8 x 10 prints
(2) 10 x 13 prints
(1) Sheet of wallet prints from two select frames

$565 tax included

Relive those wonderful wedding moments again and again through Venetian Weddings video taping services. Our videographers capture your occasion on film so that you can share your special day with those who attended your Wedding as well as those who didn’t. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Videographer for wedding ceremony, personalized video with customized cover - $250
Additional hours - $150/hour (minimum half hour)
Additional copies of VHS video - $25 per copy
Personalized DVD - $100 per copy
Videographer for reception - $250 for the first hour, $150 for every additional hour

Videos may vary in finished length depending on actual video recorded.



"Evviva Gli Sposi" (Hurray for the Newlyweds) a common phrase during cake cutting in Italy.

The Icing on the cake
A custom born over centuries, the wedding cake is a talisman meant to bring luck and fertility to the newlywed couple. The Bride and Groom delight in sampling the first slice of cake, demonstrating their willingness to share a household and all that it brings.

The Wedding Cake - star of the reception
Exquisitely detailed and prominently displayed, Venetian wedding cakes have been know to inspire whispers of wonderment and admiration. Truly in a class unto themselves, their creator, award-winning Master Chef Peter Wimmler, has been hailed as one of the most accomplished pastry chefs in the world. Describe the unique style and spirit of your vision then prepare to be awestruck upon witnessing the masterpiece he and his team create for you.

Bride & Groom atop a cake
Many couples fancy a miniature representation of themselves atop a wedding cake with bridal figurines. Through the years, this tradition of simple bride and groom figurines has expanded to the display of elaborate family heirlooms, whimsical cake ornaments representing occupation or hobby or an accent that echoes the cakes decorative motif.

Examples of creative cake toppers:
An antique floral teacup filled to overflowing with flowers that matches couple’s china pattern
A menagerie of origami animals made from metallic paper
A jewelry box brimming with faux rhinestones, pearls or diamonds
A model of an international landmark such as the Coliseum
Trees, flowers and other outdoor elements representing nature
Miniatue birdcage of spun sugar
Elements symbolic of seasons such as snowflakes or pinecones
Exclusively designed ornaments created of sugar

The cake table
When decorating your wedding cake, it’s good practice to incorporate the theme of the cake into the theme of the table. Our suggestion is simple. When using fresh flowers on a wedding cake perhaps scatter flower petals around the table’s surface to create a more impressive appearance. Candles offer subtle radiance and ambiance to any cake table and sheer fabric matching your wedding colors draped stylishly along the table top will serve as an added hint of wedding bliss.


Stretch and Super-Stretch Limousine service is available for all wedding parties and hotel guests. Whether you’re traveling to and from the airport or visiting one of the many Las Vegas sites, you’ll travel in luxury.

Spa/Salon Canyon Ranch Spa Club
What better way to relax together before or after your big day than to indulge in one of our Canyon Ranch SpaClub 2x2 treatments? Step together into the Rasul Chamber for a mutual mud bath and rain shower amid handmade Oriental tile decor and optically simulated night sky. Or share the soothing, rhythmic experience of our 2x2 Massage or 2x2 Stone Massage.

And for the ultimate pampered pair experience, try the Ultra-Moisturizing Treatment for two: 100 minutes of light exfoliation, luxurious moisturizing goat’s butter crme, and a 25-minute massage. Separate bride and groom packages are also available, including everything from a relaxing massage to picture-perfect hair and nails.


Whether your wedding party is elegantly attired or modestly casual, Las Vegas offers several options for Tuxedo and Bridal Gown rental. Many rental locations possess in excess of 200 gowns and tuxedos which are seasonally updated to feature the most current fashions.

Joining together with friends and family for The Venetian wedding will likely be one of the most joyous occasions of your lives. But, what’s even better, is the reception that follows. The dining, dancing and laughter as you toss the garter to the eager groomsmen or throw the bouquet to bridesmaids certain they’re next down the aisle, is well worth the effort of mastering the details.

Venetian Catering

The Venetian is proud to offer our award winning catering services to make your wedding reception extra special. Meetings and Conventions magazine named our Catering Services one of the "Top 5 Catering Departments in the World".

Dynamic rehearsal dinners
The rehearsal dinner provides the perfect opportunity for your two families, and the dearest friends of each, to exchange warm memories while sharing in a culinary experience that is both intimate and sumptuous. For this most special occasion, The Venetian offers an unrivaled and diverse variety of dining venues, representing perhaps the world’s most impressive lineup of celebrity restaurateurs: Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Piero Selvaggio, Kevin Wu, Joachim Splichal, and David Fau and the list goes on.

As impressive as the world-class cuisine, are the surroundings in which they are served: utterly distinctive architectural milieus, with views every bit as savory as the meal. In all, a rehearsal dinner at The Venetian offers the ultimate occasion for bonding and for creating moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Venetian restaurant directory:
Delmonico Steakhouse Emeril Lagasse
Postrio Wolfgang Puck
Lutce David Fau
Valentino Piero Selvaggio
Pinot Brasserie Joachim Splichal
Royal Star Kevin Wu
AquaKnox Tom Moloney
Zeffirino Gian Paolo Belloni
Canaletto Luigi Bomparola
Tsunami Asian Grill
Taqueria Caonita
Grand Lux Cafe
Bouchon Thomas Keller

Venetian Entertainment

Should you choose to bring a touch of old-world elegance and spectacle to your reception, in order to create a distinctly Venetian occasion your guests will never forget, our selection of performers includes:
Flute player
Singers: classical Italian, traditional Italian or opera
Jazz trio
Venetian style opera trio
Keyboard pianist
Accordion player

Entertaining yourselves and your reception guests is a top wedding priority. Music is most associated with nostalgia and you’ll want your wedding to remain in their minds as one of the best weddings they’ve ever attended.

Selecting music for your reception steps beyond just something fun you can move around to. During the reception, there are moments when sentimental or dramatic music selections are appropriate.
Cocktail Hour
Newlywed’s Entrance
During Reception Meal
First Dance
Family Dances
Bouquet Toss
Cake Cutting

Venetian Hospitality Parlor

After the ceremony, you can host your reception in one of our Venetian Hospitality Parlors. You will not find a more intimate setting for your closest friends and family to enjoy. Here, cherished memories are born as you savor each other’s loving presence, and the heartfelt sentiments of those dearest to you.

In this idyllic, welcoming environment of marble, wood and lush fabrics, every possible comfort and convenience is on hand to create the perfect ambiance.

The parlor can be reserved for two to three hours for your reception and can accommodate up to forty guests. Included with the parlor are floral arrangements and a personal server to pass champagne and serve the wedding cake.

Venetian Decorations

Times have changed and today’s receptions are no longer only modeled on tradition. Modern brides go to great lengths to stylize their receptions to reflect the personalities of themselves and their grooms. Often times, the decorative nature of a reception will illustrate a theme or concept that the couple is fond of.

Venetian Weddings will accommodate your every whim, be it lavish or charming right down to the creation of a spectacular ice sculpture acting as a focal point to a serving table.

It is however, important to keep in mind that guests require direction at a reception in regards to seating charts, dining times and appropriate dances. There are several decorative items considered reception standards.

Reception traditions:
Name place cards set on table tops coordinating with seating chart and table numbers
Easel and sign indicating seating chart and table numbers
Centerpiece for each table
Cake table
Unique cake cutting utensils complete with ribbons
Bride and Groom champagne flutes

Creative reception decorations:
La bomboniera-an Italian custom to present a lace wrapped confetti candy packet to each guest as a special thank you
Colored name cards indicating seating arrangements
Satin ribbons
Table cloths in colors matching bridal party
Floral centerpieces
Confetti or rice on table tops
Disposable cameras
Tree seedlings
Potpourri as a centerpiece
Rose petals in the walkway of the bride and groom
Stardust/glitter on table tops

Specialized ice carvings
A magnificent ice sculpture, crafted by hand, can add a breathtaking focal point to your reception. Our
ice carvers are true artisans, capable of rendering majestic visions of frozen grace like none other.

Our selection of ice carvings includes:
Wedding Bells
Bride & Groom
Pair of Doves on a Heart
Interlocking Rings with Initials
Angel with Harp

Custom sculptures are available on request.

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  ADDRESS 3355 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
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  CITY Paradise
  ZIP 89109
  OPEN HOURS Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
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