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Las Vegas Nightclubs

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nightlife in Las Vegas is ruled by its exotic, indulgent, and sensual nightclubs. Some of the most popular night clubs are found on the Las Vegas strip at resort properties including Bellagio, Wynn, Encore, Caesars Palace, and off-strip at equally lavish venues found inside Casino Hotels like Palms, and Hard Rock.

Some of the finer amenities enjoyed at these nightlife attractions include bottle service at one of the exclusive VIP tables. This is the only way to truly appreciate the distance Las Vegas nightclubs travel to treat you and your group like a true VIP.

clubgoers dance to salsa, jazz, and hip hop.

A dancer shows us what to do at Tao. 

Night Clubs in Las Vegas 

 Keep Reading And I Will Tell You Where All The Ladies Go

Underneath the hype, the glitter, the competition of the Club promoters, and the abused, ubiquitious word "VIP," the night clubs of Las Vegas still form the centerpiece of millions of Crazy Vegas stories.

Girls ready to get some deals on nightlife.

 The Clubs today burn fiercely bright, each trying to outdo the next in size, in glamour, in memorability, and of course, in the sheer number of bursting-out-of-their-tiny-clothes supermodels who populate the dance floor. In escalating battle with one another, the cavernous new Clubs eclipse the best nightlife of even a decade ago. It's not enough now to simply build a place for people to dance, there must be a theme, like at Lavo, the Bank, or Jet. It's not enough to have a dance floor, there must be dance floors, for Hip-Hop, Salsa, and House. It's not enough to hang some stage lights from the rafters, there must be computer-controlled walls of lasers pulsing with the beat.

The lifeblood of a Night Club is the same everywhere: hot girls. There will be no equal-opportunity admissions happening here; guys surrounded by guys can expect to pay more, wait longer, and be treated worse by the doormen. All Club owners and managers do whatever it takes to attract beautiful women into their locations, knowing that if five supermodels were to sit around in a cave, men would line up to pay an entrance fee and buy $19 mixed drinks. For bachelor parties or conventioneers from male-dominated industries, this is not the end of the world. Split up into smaller groups, find girls to go clubbing with, or get a table reserved in advance.

Night Clubs Dress Code

Attire will varies slightly from place to place. Tryst, Blush, Lavo, and other upscale locations enforce the strictest dress codes: upscale clubwear only. Wasted Space, Rok, and Studio 54 are more lenient, but will be much more encouraging to those dressed in avant-garde styles. Some items will have you denied instantly at most night clubs.

You can't come in wearing:

Disobeying the Vegas Night Club Dress Code

Sneakers and atheletic shoes. Sometimes they work, if they are in great shape, stylish, and new. But why take the risk?

Any baggy clothes.

Baseball hats. Girls can get away with this sometimes, depending on the rest of the outfit. Guys, don't chance it. If the bald spot needs some covering, try something more fasionable.

Ugly jeans. New, unripped, well-fitting jeans can be worn in any club. Dress pants on guys are always safe, if a little dull. Jeans on girls are fine, but they might slow the admissions process if twenty pairs of nice legs in skirts are lined up at the door.

T-shirts. Yes, the guy in front of you got in wearing a t-shirt, but he had a sports jacket over it and two actresses on his arms. And his shirt didn't say "Big Johnson's Bait Shop."

Clueless guys can play it safe with the Dude Uniform For Clubs: Wear black or brown dress shoes with a new pair of jeans. Put on an unwrinkled, fitted dress shirt with a crisp collar and leave the top two buttons unbuttoned. This is a safe outfit, but those wearing it should be prepared to work a little harder to stand out in the eyes of the hot brunette by the bar.

Clueless girls can play it safe by identifying their best asset and then accenting it. The three main areas to flaunt are: legs, belly, and cleavage. To maintain class and stay on good terms with the other girls, display just one area boldly. To lose the girl vote but be wolf-whistled at by every guy between the taxi and the club, show off all three. Ponytails and flat-soled shoes are fine for comfort, but heels and loose hair will speed up the entry.

Still clueless? See what other people are wearing in our Nightlife Gallery.

What to do at night in Las Vegas

Las Vegas never sleeps, it just pauses to catch its breath in the early evening. That's when legions of bedraggled tourists are returning from the Hoover Dam, and the night people are putting on their makeup. The Clubs start to develop lines around 10:30, and anyone arriving to a popular place after midnight, without reservations or a spectacular body, is going to have to wait. There are thousands of options in Las Vegas, though.

A DJ plays hip hop, karaoke, salsa, and jazz.

Nightlife in Las Vegas at Lavo, The Bank, or Jet.

$$$$  If an evening out is supposed to cost thousands of dollars, then no Night Club, Bar, or velvet rope will present much of an obstacle. Every wheel can be greased with money at night, and every venue will be welcoming.

$$$  A few hundred dollars will have much the same effect, with just a few doors closing and bottle services out of reach. If the evening is spent within just one supurb Club, then no problems will be encountered.

$$ If $50 is the budget for the night, a great time still awaits. Most of the Clubs are still accessible through coupons or promotions, but a more lavish time might be had at the Bars, where a beer will cost five dollars instead of nine. Anyone barhopping in Las Vegas can stroll throughout the night, drinks in hand, until they find a place to dig in. Whether it's crowds, drink specials, karaoke, flocks of gorgeous people, or live rock, salsa, or hip-hop, something raucus and fun will be happening.

$$ Even $20 can purchase a fun night, though care must be taken. If drinks can be obtained from off the Strip, then a pre-evening buzz can be revved up right in the comforts of home. Just taking in all the sights of the Strip at night, and interacting with the multitude of tourists while staggering from one cheap margarita stand to another, can result in a great Vegas night.

The people you're with will make all the difference. No amount of money, drinks, or underwear-clad wait staff will make that depressing friend-of-a-friend any less irritating. Choose your Vegas group wisely. The right crowd will make absolutely anything fun.

Everyone, guys and girls, want to know where all the ladies are going to be. The answer is: No one knows. Really. It varies from dramatically from week to week. A club on Saturday night could feel like a beauty pageant dressing room. Go back on Sunday to find the same place stuffed full of dudes. To hedge your bets, stick to the popular clubs, and check out the lines between 11:00 and 1:00. Guys should try finding a group of girls in the casino ahead of time to attack some of the evening with.

Night Club girls in the bath at Lavo.How to Pick Up Girls in Las Vegas:

Guys, there are volumes to be explored here, but basics are basics. Girls visit Vegas to get away, to dress up, and to feel special. They won't feel special if the only guy they end up talking to is an average schmoe who can't stop talking about her boobs. You need to be interesting, or exotic, or special somehow. You need to be that guy she met in Vegas who was soo funny, or had the best body, or the best singing voice. This isn't difficult; you are unique. You just need to find a way to bring those great, individual qualities to the surface as soon as possible, whether its a great smile, an artistic talent, or a gift for leadership. If you approach a girl, compliment her looks, and have nothing else to offer other than "I'm attracted to you," nothing is going to happen. You need to become the desired one.

This girl knows what to do at night in Las Vegas

Dress well. If you don't know how, get the advice of someone who does. Then, accent your outfit with something eye-catching or outrageous. Dye your hair blue, aquire some authentic-looking bling, or wear a sharp jacket that no one else has. Don't buy a Dr Seuss hat or a fish necktie. Try to still look good while being unusual. It's good to stand out from the crowd that's wearing the Dude Uniform For Clubs.

Don't express too much interest. When you first talk to a girl, don't let her know she's attractive. You're the interesting one, remember? Drop by, talk to her briefly, and let her know you're a fascinating person. While chatting with her for the second and third times, drop the hints that she's growing on you.

Use classic, interesting, nonthreating opening statements like:"Do you think it's okay to break up with someone by text?""Did you see the two girls fighting outside?"

Enlist your friends, girls and guys, to be good wingmen. This means they treat you like the alpha male, whether you are or not. Temporarily at least, they seek your advice, ask your permission, laugh at your jokes, and pay you compliments.

Be less drunk than the girl you're talking to. Nothing will sabotage you quicker than the inability to speak or stand.

Talk to every girl, even if you're only pursuing one. Let her see that you're popular and sought-after.

Following the dress code in Las Vegas pays off!

How to Pick Up Guys in Las Vegas:

Girls, the laws of attraction are simple and biological. Look good, be great. Dissapointing though it is, even the best of guys will have trouble seeing the real you under a poor-fitting sweater and bad hair. They're surrounded by cocktail dresses and implants! But it's not difficult to identify your beautiful aspects and put your best foot foward. If you don't know what's great about you, let your friends help. Guys come to Vegas to be free, to do things they can't do at home, and to meet girls. You might have to search a bit until you find one with a complimentary definition of "cutting loose." Guys like being approached, but contrary to popular belief, grabbing him by the pants and dragging him to a dark corner isn't going to work every time. Pay him a compliment or two, walk away, and let him think about it. He cares about his hair, so tell him you like it. If no hair is shown, tell him his hat is cool. Visit him a couple more times, and be nice, so his Vegas-fogged brain has time to realize you might like him. Even a shy guy will overcome his timidity to start a real conversation with you eventually.

Find those common interests. He doesn't really want to talk only about himself, and he doesn't want to only talk about you, either. Dig out the areas where you connect. (If he is actually talking about himself exclusively, leave him alone.)

If you think he's into you, but he's not coming over, invent a reason to get away from your friends for a minute. They're very intimidating, even for a bold guy.

If he says something dorky or nonsensical the first time he speaks, let it go. He didn't expect you to start a conversation and his brain overreacted.

Touching is better than talking. Lay your hand on his arm and push him in the chest. Again, grabbing him by the pants is a little to bold, and you should wait until you know him better. At least by five minutes.

Don't compliment his muscles if he doesn't have any. Everyone enjoys flirting, but you will appear manipulative. Find something real to approve of.

Dont worry if everyone's photos come out looking like this. It's totally normal.

Singing karaoke in Vegas with friends at night.