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AirTransat Las Vegas

About Us:

Air Transat specializes in both scheduled and charter flights from Canada to vacation destinations. In the winter months, the majority of flights are between Canada and the Caribbean/USA and in the summer between Canada and many destinations in European countries. Year-round schedule services operate between Europe and Canada. The Air Transat fleet of 15 aircraft serves over 90 destinations in 25 countries.

Customer Service:

If unfortunately your checked baggage is missing, one of our passenger agents will be pleased to complete a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) for you. It is very important that you provide the agent with as much information as possible about the bag, including a good description of all contents, as this will be of great help in locating it. All information gathered will be entered into our WorldTracer Baggage tracing system, which is used by airlines worldwide. Our local representative will contact you during your stay at your destination to keep you informed on the status of our search and will also inform you about possible compensation limits and reimbursement procedures for any emergency purchases.

In The Air:

At Air Transat, we strive to ensure that our services meet your requirements. We regularly conduct customer surveys to assess your level of satisfaction. This enables us to take into account your preferences and to continuously adjust our products and services to meet your needs.

To make your flight as enjoyable as possible, we provide a broad selection of audio and video entertainment. On flights lasting over two and a half hours, we offer newly released movies and a broad selection of videos. Passengers wishing to take advantage of in-flight audiovisual entertainment may purchase Air Transat's re-usable headset at a minimal charge (free for children 11 and under).

Recent movies

Popular TV shows

Videoclips of the best-known artists

Musical content for all tastes

Exercises to limber up during the flight

A system that lets passengers follow the aircraft's route

An educational video on the travel destination

Spanish-language mini-lessons for beginners (winter season)

Our audio and video programming will put you in the mood for holidays and relaxation.


Traveling with Infants
A child is considered an infant until his or her second birthday. Prior to that point (2 years less a day), the infant travels in the parent's lap. For safety reasons, an adult may not travel with more than one infant at a time, no matter how many seats are purchased.

Please note: If a child's second birthday occurs prior to the return leg of the trip, a ticket must be purchased for the child for the return flight and a seat will be assigned to him or her.

Once you have boarded, you will receive a kit containing infant-care items.

Newborns 7 days old or less are too young to be accepted on board. Infants more than 7 days old will be carried provided parents are in possession of all legal documents required by the country of destination. Be sure to speak with your travel agent about travelling with very young infants to avoid any unpleasant situations.

A confortable bed for your baby
Once onboard, you can obtain a bassinette for your baby. These bassinettes, which can be placed on the bulkheads, are approved by Transport Canada. They are a safe and comfortable way for your baby to travel during the flight. The infant's weight may not exceed 11 kg (24 lbs) and his or her height may not exceed the size of the bassinette (68 x 30 x 15 cm).

Baggage Allowance for Infants
Equipment for infants (playpens, strollers, car seats, etc.) is carried free of charge

Advice for take-off and landing
During take-off and landing, we recommend that you bottle-feed your baby (milk, water, juice) as swallowing helps prevent earaches due to changes in cabin pressure. It is better to bottle-feed your baby than using a glass, since the constant swallowing motion will help keep the baby's ears unblocked. The bottle (with water or juice) or breast-feeding is also preferable to a pacifier or a biscuit. While pacifiers and biscuits are helpful in preventing earaches, bottles also keep your baby hydrated.

Baby ChangingStation
Baby changing stations are available on all our aircraft.

Meals for babys
Make sure to bring along baby food, as it is not available on Air Transat flights.

Children Traveling Alone
Children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old who must travel alone are eligible for Air Transat's VIP service (Very Important Person). There is no charge for this service, and it is available on all of our flights. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to accompany children to connecting flights on another airline. Please advise your travel agent or our Information and Seat Selection Centre.

Please check in 3 hours prior to flight departure in order to complete the required form and check baggage. During check-in, you will have to provide information regarding the person who will meet the child at the destination (full name, complete address and phone number). Photo ID will be required by the Air Transat representative from the person collecting the child at the destination to confirm the information provided on the form and to ensure the child's security. The child will not be released to a person who is not listed on the form.

Special tags will be attached to the child's baggage, and their baggage given special priority. The child will also be given a little ticket holder to wear around their neck, in which to carry their travel documents (passport, tickets, customs forms, etc.) and which identifies them as an unaccompanied minor.

An Air Transat representative will accompany our VIP during boarding. At no time is the child left alone; Air Transat personnel are there at all times to watch over our young passengers.

The parent or guardian accompanying the child to the airport must remain at the airport until the flight has taken off.

Priority Boarding
All children travelling alone get priority boarding on all of our flights.

During boarding, the child will be introduced to the flight director in charge of cabin crew. The flight director will escort the child to their seat and introduce them to the flight attendant responsible for that section of the cabin and explain the safety procedures.

During Flight
Cabin crew will pay special attention to the child during the whole flight, making sure they are comfortable and safe.

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Las Vegas, NV 89119
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