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AeroMexico Airlines Las Vegas


Whenever you are traveling with 10 or more people (including children), you can request Group Service in Aeromexico, and enjoy a variety of benefits.

Check In - You can check-in as a group, at a check-in counter dedicated to your party.

Meals - You can request special meals for your group, and also bring on board any food and drink items outside of our menu that you would like served to your party. Request these benefits at the time you make your reservation.

Tour Conductor - The tour conductor flies for free on groups of 30 or more passengers.
Discounts - Enjoy great savings; the more people in your group, the larger the discounts.

Special Services - For large groups, who take 80% or more of the aircraft seats, we offer exclusive benefits, like a welcome sign at the airport, special greeting in the plane, seat covers and more. Talk to your Aeromexico Groups executive to make the arrangements.

In Flight Services:

Aeromexico takes the most pride on providing our passengers with great quality service, from the moment they purchase their ticket until they arrive safely on time to their destination. The time you spend on board is when we have the best chance to assist you the way you deserve, and that's why we select the best meals and beverages, a variety of entertainment options and on-board services that will make your flight a pleasant one.

Services on all our flights:
On-Board phone, Food and Beverages, Music to fly by, Movies to fly by, Smoke-free flights, and Duty Free.

Special Services:

Can I travel by airplane if im pregnant?

For health reasons, we suggest that you consult your doctor before traveling by airplane. If you are more than 7 months pregnant, we need a liability exemption letter signed by you, as well as a medical certificate that specifies your stage of pregnancy and state of health. Flying within 7 days before or after childbirth is prohibited.

Does Aeromexico offer discounts to senior citizens?
We offer discounts in Mexico to INSEN (senior citizens' registration) card holders. Please contact us for discounts in other countries.

Can I take perishable articles on flights?
Only if they are appropriately packed and without liability for Aeromexico and in accordance with the current sanitary standards.

Can I request a vegetarian meal for my flight?
Aeromexico offers low-salt, Kosher, diabetic, vegetarian (two types), and low-cholesterol foods, as well as baby and children's food at passengers' express request at least 24 hours in advance of the flight or at time of booking.

Is there a smoking section in your plane?
Smoking is prohibited on all flights.

Can I travel with my pet? Is there any charge?
You may only travel with dogs, cats and small caged birds, which require a special permit from the authorities. They are not included within the free baggage permitted and are only accepted when in a cage, duly vaccinated, with the corresponding permits and stowed in the baggage hold.

Domestic flights: 35 USD PLUS TAXES
International flights: From/To Europe and South America 100 USD PLUS TAXES - From/To United States 75 USD PLUS TAXES.
Passenger cabin: Not applicable on airplanes operated by Aeromexico

Seeing eye and guide dogs, as well as working animals, which must be covered by medical justification, will be transported free of charge. All animals must be muzzled and harnessed while in the passenger cabin. Remember that there are restrictions on the importation of animals into certain countries. Passengers are responsible for contacting the destination country to arrange the necessary documentation.

Baggage Policies:

Following we explain Aeromexico's baggage policies in order to avoid any delays, so that you enjoy your journey to the full.
On flights within Mexico
-Clase Premier: The baggage allowance is 30 kg (66 pounds).
-Coach Class: The baggage allowance is 25 kg (55 pounds).

International Flights (Except Brazil)
-Clase Premier: The allowance is three pieces of baggage whose combined weight must not exceed 70 kg (154 pounds).
-Coach Class: The allowance is two pieces of baggage whose combined weight must not exceed 64 kg (140 pounds), and whose external surface area (length + width + height) combined must not exceed 2.73 m (107 inches).

In both classes: Each piece of baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70 pounds), nor 1.58 m (62 inches) external surface area.

Flights to Brazil
-Clase Premier: The baggage allowance is 30 kg (66 pounds).
-Coach Class: The baggage allowance is 20 kg (44 pounds).

On all flights and classes
One piece of carry-on baggage is permitted on all flights besides briefcases, handbags and laptop computer, provided the external surface area does not exceed 1.15 m (45 inches) and together does not weigh more than 12 kilos (26 pounds).

On Flights Operated by Aerolitoral
In both classes: If any leg of your journey is operated by Aerolitoral, you may take one piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 30 kg. (66 pounds) and one piece of carry-on baggage weighing no more than 10 kg. (22 pounds).

Excess baggage
-Domestic flights and flights to Brazil: 3% of the normal "Y" single fare will be charged per kilo of excess baggage, except on routes to and from Tijuana and Cd. Juarez, on which 2% over the normal "Y" single fare will be charged per kilo of excess baggage.
-International Flights: Excess baggage will be charged per piece. Additional charges shall apply to baggage exceeding the published weight or size, (32 kilos/1.58 m). For further information, please contact any of our Ticket or Reservations Offices or Airports.

In all cases, excess baggage shall be transported subject to space availability in the airplane.

Charges for transportation of additional articles
Pets: 35USD
Windsurfing equipment: 55 USD
Surfboard: 50 USD
Scuba diving equipment: 50 USD
Bicycle: 50 USD. This fee will not be charged to passengers that show a Federacin Mexicana de Triatln member ID to the airport agent. The allowance is one bicycle per athlete, with only one seat and no motor, and packed for transportation.
Hunting/fishing/golf/ski equipment: 55 USD

Baggage identification:
All checked baggage must be identified on the exterior and the interior with the passenger's name and address. The correct labels are available, at no charge, at any Aeromexico check-in desk or with your travel agent.

Recommendations for checked baggage
Do not include valuables, cash, jewelry, electronic devices, photographic or video equipment, vital medication or perishable or liquid articles.
-Fragile items are checked and transported at the passenger's own risk.
-Check that the password written on the baggage check-in ticket matches the name of your destination.
-Many suitcases look alike. When claiming your baggage, check that the amount of passwords coincide with the number of pieces of baggage that you checked-in, as well that the series of your password is the same as that which appears on the label of each suitcase.

Aeromexico shall not be responsible for loss and damage of valuables such as cash, jewelry, precious stones, works of art, valuable documents, share and trading certificates, photographic or video equipment or easily-replaceable items, which are not considered as baggage and are transported without the knowledge and consent of the Company. All lost-luggage claims must be made before leaving the airport and ratified within the terms set forth in the "Conditions of Contract".

Electronic devices on board:

For security reasons, you may not use certain electronic devices while inside our planes. Below is the detailed information about the use of electronic devices on board.

Cellular phones
Cellular phones may only be used while the aircraft door is open. They may not be used throughout your flight and when the plane door is shut, or whenever the crew advices so.

Devices with antennae
Electronic devices with antennae may interfere with the aircraft navigation system, and may not be used at any time.

Devices you may use
Once the plane has leveled and the corresponding announcement is made by the crew, only the following electronic devices may be used. The crew will let you know when these devices must be turned off.
-CD and cassette players
-Portable computers and printers with cable connection
-Video cameras
-Hand-held electronic games.

Upgrade Policies:

As a Club Premier Member, there are three different ways to obtain Class Upgrades. Consult the requirements of each level as follows. In cases where the upgrade also applies to a companion or beneficiary, this may apply to an adult or a child over 2 years of age.

Platinum Club Premier Members
Applies to Platinum Members and one companion, up to 72 hours before departure time, both paying any public fare and/or Reward Tickets. Not applicable on routes to and from Europe.

Gold Corporate Club Premier Members
Applies to Members and one companion, without time restrictions, both paying the "Y" (Yankee)fare. Includes Europe.

Gold Club Premier Members
Applies to Members and one companion: directly at the desk when checking-in on the same day as the departure, both paying any public fare. Not applicable on routes to and from Europe.

Classic Club Premier Members
Applicable exclusively to the Member: directly at the desk when checking-in on the same day as the departure, paying the "Y" (Yankee) fare. Not applicable on routes to and from Europe.

With Premier Kilometers

For Platinum Club Premier Members and/or beneficiaries
For Platinum Club Premier Members, upgrades apply on paying the "Y" (Yankee), "B" (Bravo) or "M" (Metro) fares and may be requested up to 11 months in advance of the departure date. On routes to and from Europe, upgrades apply when paying the "Y" (Yankee) or "B" (Bravo) fares.

For Gold Club Premier Members and/or beneficiaries
For Gold Club Premier Members, upgrades apply on paying the "Y" (Yankee), "B" (Bravo) or "M" (Metro) fares and may be requested up to 9 months in advance of the departure date. On routes to and from Europe, upgrades apply when paying the "Y" (Yankee) or "B" (Bravo) fares.

For Classic Club Premier Members and/or beneficiaries
For Classic Club Premier, upgrades apply on paying the "Y" (Yankee) or "B" (Bravo) fares and may be requested up to 9 months in advance of the departure date. Not applicable on routes to and from Europe

Restricted Articles in Baggage:

Due to the new implanted international safety measures in all the airlines, we recommended not to pack none of the articles enlisted here:
According to the Fire Arms and Explosives Law
-Handguns, rifles, shotguns, cartridges, substances, explosives
-Guns of luminous signals
-Percussion caps or detonators
-Ammunition arms
-Bows and arrows
-Sticks with flexible or lead handle
-Compressed air arms
-Alpinist picks or ice picks
-Knifes, pocket knifes, razors, stilettos, daggers, paper knifes, sabers
-All types of arms of martial arts
-Defensive sprayers.
-Swords, sabers, foils, machetes and similar
-Flares of traffic
-Harpoons and other submarine weapons
-Toys that simulate arms or real retorts
-Electric paralyzing and self-defense objects
-Lighters and articles that hide jap-sharp objects
-Striker pins
-Power sources

Dangerous materials that will not be transported
-Acids and corrosives
-Wet cell batteries
-Butane and propane gas
-Carbon dioxide cartridges
-Carbonic snow (only 2 litters)
-Fireworks, gunpowder and incendiary items
-Inflammable liquids
-Fire extinguishers
-Lighter Fuel
-Matches (in important amounts)
-Prepared oxygen
-Acetone (up to 250 mililiters)
-Radioactive materials
-Dry ice (carbon dioxide) only 2 kilos per passenger
-Toiletries (perfumes, hair sprays and others) only 2 kilos per passenger are allowed

Restricted Material (transported only as checked-in baggage)
-Box cutters
-Leather whip
-Electrical stings for cattle
-Pistol lighters
-Liquid or gel alcohol (more than 250 mililiters)
-Wines and liquors between 24 and 70 gl. (only 4 litters closed per passenger)
-Electric drills
-Electric saw
-Straight razors
-Diving lamps and another that produce excessive heat like those of artistic illumination or tv productions, etc.
-Elements of weld of heat
-Mercury barometers or industrial thermometers
-Wheel chairs with dry cell batteries (wet-cells are not allowed)
-Heat or hydrocarbons hair curlers
-Isolate packing with liquid nitrogen
-Sharp-pointed scissors
-Metal files
-Baseball bats
-Golf clubs
-Hockey and Cricket sticks
-Hammers, Screwdivers.
-Heavy Working tools such as universal pliers, wrench, etc.

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